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We know that advanced economies with stable governments that borrow in their own currency are capable of running up very high levels of debt without crisis.

– Paul Krugman

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Economics A-Level explores the notion of a market, studying topics such as demand and supply, elasticity and market failure. A-Level Economics is a great subject for students who are interested in learning about how the way Economics contributes to our social and political environment. Many students love how well Economics balances well with studying Economics A-Level!

Breakdown of the core Economics A-Level modules:

  • The economic problem
  • The allocation of resources in competitive markets
  • Production and efficiency
  • Market failure
  • Government intervention in the market
  • The national economy
  • The measurement of macroeconomic performance
  • Economic performance
  • Macroeconomic Policy
  • Business economics and the distribution of income
  • The firm: objectives, costs and revenue
  • Competitive markets
  • The labour market
  • Government intervention in the market
  • The national and international economy
  • Macroeconomic indicators
  • Managing the national economy
  • The international economy

Benefits of Studying A-Level Economics:

A-Level Economics is the perfect balance of numbers and words, problems and essays, calculations and interpretations. Students have the opportunity to build models giving them an insight into the real world, and what is happening in the now.

There are areas in which one can debate and there isn’t a wrong or right answer when it comes to answering questions and research. Economics A-Level allows students to develop useful skills such as analytical and evaluative, which can be used in everyday life.

Why is it worth studying Economics A-Level?

A-Level Economics allows students to understand how to make well-informed decisions. Economics A-Level revolves around making decisions such as, what should the government do to cut the budget deficit; what should a business do to raise profit margins.

It helps students to understand how to go about making choices with real life situations, not just within the economic and business world.

What can you do with a Economics degree?

Studying Economics opens a door to many fantastic career opportunities. Having a keen interest within the business and economics industry, shows future employees that you are interested in numbers and current affairs.

Many graduates decide to go on to study a postgraduate course to gain extra professional qualifications required to practice in certain exciting career areas, such as accountancy.

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