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At Tutor House, we work with the best private A-Level Economic tutors to deliver top quality tuition on this complex but fascinating subject. Tutors that provide A-Level Economics tutoring will carefully tailor every session to each individual student and their specific needs. A student’s individual learning style, level and any areas where they are struggling all inform how each session is structured. As a result, each student gets their own personal learning program taught by an expert, passionate A-Level Economics or Economics and Maths tutor. Our tutors have years of experience teaching the A-level Economics syllabus and are experts at explaining complex ideas in simple terms.  

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Tutor House’s private Economics tutors are familiar with all the major Economics A-level exam boards and what a student needs to know to succeed. Tutors can support students with the challenging A-Level curriculum throughout the course and also offer specific tutoring to prepare for the exams. Many of our specialist Economics tutors are also experienced Maths tutors, so are able to provide the ultimate dual-subject support. Whether you are looking for face-to-face economics tuition or would prefer to work with your economics tutor online, Tutor House offer tuition in a range of mediums to suit you. With the support of a Tutor House private Economics A-Level Tutor, students can excel in an otherwise challenging subject and achieve the results they deserve.


Why choose a Tutor House A-Level Economics Tutor?


Economics is a highly respected, challenging and rewarding subject well worthy of study. The economics A-Level course offers a fantastic opportunity for students to gain a qualification that’s highly coveted by employers and universities alike. Perhaps more importantly, A-Level economic provides students with valuable insight into the structure and processes of one of the most important aspects of daily life, the economy.


Few would argue that economics A-Level is a great qualification to get, but it’s also true to say that economics is one of the most challenging subjects to study at A-Level. With A-Level results so vital for a student’s future, this is the time to seek out the support of a private economics tutor to ensure a student can reach their full potential.


Tutor House A-Level Economics tutors are the best of the best. Our tutors have years of experience teaching the Economics A-Level curriculum across every exam board including AQA, Edexcel, Pearson, OCR and WJEC. All Tutor House tutors are experts in their subject, enabling our A-Level Economics tutors to teach with an infectious passion and make the learning experience both informative and enjoyable. Tutors specialise in working with their students to create sessions that reflect their unique needs. Economics tutors will consider a student’s learning style, level and any specific areas of the curriculum they are struggling with to create a personalised tuition program that can get the best out of each student. Tutors offer both face-to-face tutoring sessions and online economics tuition, giving the student total flexibility over their learning. Working with a Tutor House tutor will help the student to gain a real understanding of the course materials, excel in their exams and reap the rewards of a top A-level qualification. Private economics tutors are also able to teach a student exceptional study skills and give them the learning tools they will need to achieve success in further education. With the support of Tutor House private economics tuition, A-Level students are left feeling confident, happy and excited about learning economics.


Breakdown of the core Economics A-Level modules:


The A-Level Economics course introduces the students to vital elements of the economic market. Key concepts to understand include supply and demand, elasticity and what causes market failures. While A-level economics does build on the curriculum of an economics GCSE, students who are entering the subject at A-level are catered for. As a result, the A-Level curriculum will provide a beginners overview of Economics as a subject before delving into specific topics.


Core modules of the A-Level Economics curriculum include:


  • The allocation of resources in competitive markets
  • Production and efficiency
  • Market failure
  • Government intervention in the market
  • The national economy
  • The measurement of macroeconomic performance
  • Economic performance
  • Macroeconomic Policy
  • Business and the distribution of income
  • The firm: objectives, costs and revenue
  • Competitive markets
  • The labour market
  • Government intervention in the market
  • The national and international economy
  • Macroeconomic indicators
  • Managing the national economy
  • The international economy


The Economics A-Level is assessed via written exams at the end of the course. The exams usually consist of 2 or 3 separate exam papers that will test students on their knowledge and analytical abilities on all the topics they have covered. The support of a private A-Level economics tutor can ensure students have the understanding, confidence and skills to excel in those final exams.

Benefits of Studying A-Level Economics:


Economics is a truly riveting subject to study at A-Level that offers a plethora of benefits both in terms of knowledge and skills. Economics impacts each and every one of us every day. Most notably, events like the 2008 crisis and it’s repercussions trickle down into every echelon of society.  As the economy becomes increasingly more volatile and confusing, understanding the structure, processes and theories that govern markets has never been more critical.


In many ways, studying Economics at A-Level teaches students about the world. Economics feeds into every aspect and level of our lives, from the cost of our groceries to the policy decisions made by governments. Studying economics gives students an insight into human behaviour, politics, and business. You’ll study how companies compete with each other, how financial incentives affect government policy issues as diverse as immigration and the environment, and how economic systems from micro to macro inherently affect the lives of everyone.


Through studying economics, students gain more than knowledge, they develop key skills for future success. The economics A-Level teaches students how to make informed decisions based on data, utilise a variety of mathematical skills, analyse data and communicate effectively. By asking and answering questions like “how should the government cut the budget deficit?” or “how could this business improve it’s profit margins?”, students are required to demonstrate their problem-solving ability and learn how to apply their learning to real-life situations.


A-Level Economics is the perfect subject for students with an interest in how the various economic systems contribute to our social and political environment. Economics is among the fastest growing A-Level subjects in the last 5 years in terms of popularity and is set to continue in that vein. As the importance of the economy continues to be a key issue in our lives, understanding how and why it all works is a huge benefit to students both academically and in their daily lives.

Why is it worth studying Economics A-Level?

A-Level economics develops a student’s skills in almost every area. With a perfect balance of practical maths and theoretical analysis, students will demonstrate their ability across the board. From completing calculations to writing essays, students will practice a number of core skills that make them highly employable and able to tackle any task later in life. Students are given the opportunity to build models, answer complex problems and debate key theories, resulting in a well-rounded understanding of economics and the world.


Successfully completing an Economics A-Level provides students with the knowledge and skills to better manage their daily life. The skills developed in the course are highly attractive to employers, providing students with a variety of job opportunities straight after A-Level. For students looking to go on to further education, a top A-Level grade makes students a prime candidate both for Economics degrees and a range of related University courses.


What can you do with an Economics degree?

Achieving a top grade at Economics A-Level gives students the opportunity to take the subject on to further education. With so many great degrees out there, it’s fair to ask “why should I do an Economics Degree?”.


Studying Economics at degree level gives students access to some fantastic career options when they have finished studying. An economics degree provides students with in-depth knowledge in mathematics and political theory that are directly related to occupations such as working as a Chartered Accountant, Financial Analyst or Stock Broker. Equally, studying for an economics degree develops key skills such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, and working with data, that employers seek out in candidates.  


While many candidates choose to go on to postgraduate study and further develop their skills, an economics degree itself will make you a prime candidate both for directly related roles like accountancy and a number of complementary professions such as marketing, consultancy and government work. It’s not for nothing that economics graduates are among the highest paid graduates in the UK, so for anyone looking for a career with high fiscal benefits, Economics is the way to go.


Popular jobs for graduates with an economics degree include:


  • Actuarial Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Civil Service
  • Data Analyst
  • Economist
  • Economic Journalist/Reporter
  • Financial Risk or Investment Analyst
  • Teacher / Professor or Economics
  • Statistician
  • Stock Broker
  • Quantity Surveyor


Top UK Universities to study an Economics degree at:

There are a number of top UK Universities offering highly coveted economics courses that can open doors to a whole host of career options. If you are passionate about continuing your economics studies into further education, these are a few of the top Universities for studying Economics Degrees:


  • Cambridge University
  • Oxford University
  • Warwick University
  • University College London (UCL)
  • London School of Economics
  • St Andrews
  • Durham
  • Bath
  • Nottingham
  • Bristol


General Information about private A-level Economics tutors and Tutor House:

Tutor House offers a plethora of educational support options for A-Level Economics. While many students benefit from face-to-face tutoring, Tutor House tutors can also provide online tutoring, crammer revision courses, coaching for exam retakes, and residential or homeschool tutoring. Tutor House can arrange A-Level economics tuition options that suit every student’s individual requirements, ensuring you get the support you need to succeed.


Tutor House employ only the best Economics tutors. Each private tutor is required to have a degree in Economics or a related subject, experience teaching economics and will have had an enhanced DBS check. All our tutors have been personally interviewed by our expert team, so we know they represent the top economics tutors London has to offer.


Tutor House has enabled A-Level economics students to reach top grades and earn places on top University courses. Our tutors can support students throughout the A-Level economics course and exam process, ensuring that their final grades represent their true potential. With the help of a private A-Level Economics tutor, students can gain a qualification that opens doors both in higher education and employment. If you need educational support or have questions about private tutoring, contact Tutor House today.


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