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A-Level English Language Tuition in London

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

― Henry James

At Tutor House, we provide tutors to help students studying English Language A-Level to help make the course content interesting and engaging, and to help them feel prepared an confident come exam time. All our tutors are experienced professionals who will work with students to help devise a bespoke learning programme for them, focusing on modules: or topics they are struggling with and making sure they overcome any areas of difficulty well in advance of the exam.

Studying English Language at A-Level is a hugely useful and interesting subject. When undertaking this A-Level students will be given the freedom and responsibility to work on their own, the opportunity to read some of the most celebrated texts of all time, and develop their critical thinking, analytical and essay writing skills so that they develop proficiency and confidence in all.

Breakdown of the core English Language A-Level modules: (AQA exam board)*

The core modules: of an English Language A-Level module are:

  • Language and Mode
  • Linguistic Frameworks
  • Language Development

Benefits of studying English Language A-Level

The benefits of studying English Language at A-Level are extensive. English Language A-Level gives students the opportunity to learn in-depth how the English Language works, the ability to confidently criticise complicated texts and learn how to shape and present theories and arguments around them.

Why is it Worth studying English Language at A-Level?

Students studying English Language A-Level will have many opportunities to study the ways English language is used in its various forms and contexts. Anything from the way people interact and communicate to the way words are manipulated for advertising, medicine and legal matters.

Students can examine the way the English Language has developed through the ages from its Anglo-Saxon beginnings onwards, and how and where English is used today.

What can you do with an English degree?

An English degree is a hugely useful and diverse subject and there are few employers that wouldn’t consider a applicant with a good English degree from a highly regarded university.

Some career options (amongst others) could include:

  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Copywriter
  • Civil Service positions
  • Author
  • PR
  • Communications roles

The top Universities to study an English Degree are:

Other subjects covered

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