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A-Level Film Studies Tutors in London

It’s all one film to me. Just different chapters.

– Robert Altman

All of the Tutors we work with are friendly, experienced professionals who are passionate about working with their students to improve their results and help them engage with their chosen subjects. Our Film Studies A-Level tutors have an extensive knowledge of their subject and can help students with all areas of the subject, encouraging them to learn and grow, to be creative, and to find their own unique and exciting style.

We have at least watched one film in our lifetime; we are exposed to television, video and other creative media everyday. Our generation have unconsciously developed an understanding of film language and Film Studies and an A-Level allows students to dig deeper.

A-Level film studies is ultimately about studying and understanding the process in which films are made from start to finish, from studying and analysing the director’s choice of lighting to the camera angles purposely chosen for every scene.

Breakdown of the core Film Studies A-Level modules:

Students undertaking a Film Studies A-Level qualification can specialise in a range of subjects:

  • Filming technique
  • Cinematography
  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Different genres
  • Independent study
  • Film Industries
  • Audiences
  • Case Studies
  • Written Exam

Why is it worth studying Film Studies A-Level?

A-Level Film Studies suits students who enjoy the process of watching films and wanting to understand the basis of how the making comes together. Film Studies is not a subject where you get to sit and watch films and go home; it brings an academic approach to filmmaking.

Students will gain relevant written skills as well as huge range of practical skills, leading to not just film based careers but videography, photography and other art based mediums.

What can you do with a Film Studies degree?

Studying Film at university exposes students to a huge range of skills such as how to operate certain cameras and edit footage using software. Students develop skills which will attract them too employers in a wide variety of fields. According to The Guardian, almost 60% of Film Studies graduates went into full-time employment.

Jobs relating to a film studies degree include:

  • Broadcast engineer
  • Broadcast presenter
  • Location manager
  • Television camera operator
  • Programme researcher broadcasting/ film/ video

The top universities to study a Film Studies degree at:



Other subjects covered

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