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A-Level History of Art Tuition in London

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.

– Oscar Wilde

At Tutor House we work with highly knowledgeable and professional History if Art Tutors who will devise tailored, useful programmes of learning to assist students with their A-Level study. We only work with tutors who are specialists in their field and will ensure they listen to each individual student’s needs, enabling them to develop a passion for their subject, learn at their own pace, and feel fully prepared and confident in the lead up to those all important A-Level examinations.

A-Level History of Art allows student to explore the history and development of Western Art. History of Art is a highly practical and interactive subject, encouraging students to discuss and debate their ideas with both their tutor and each other.

Breakdown of the core History of Art A-Level modules:

History of Art is an interesting subject, allowing students to develop the ability to analyse and interpret a variety of painting, sculpture and architecture, alongside an understanding of some of the major themes within Art theory, covering a range of topics. The main course content for A-Level History of Art include:

  • Visual Analysis and Interpretation
  • Themes in History of Art (changed every year)
  • Investigation and Interpretation (1)
  • Investigation and Interpretation (2)

Benefits of studying History of Art

History of Art isn’t like any other A-Level, students can examine visual arts through a range of historical, social, geographical, cultural and psychological contexts; something no other Arts A-Level can teach you. Students will be able to consider the meaning implied by a subject of a painting or sculpture in depth as well as develop their English literature and language written skills in the process.  

Why is it worth studying History of Art A-Level?

A-level History of Art helps students develop relevant skills and help with critical vocabulary to help them analyse and interpret any work of art they come across. History of Art A-Level goes beyond driving a mere overview of artistic trends, exposing students to a wide range of cultural and historical understanding.

What can you do with a History of Art degree?

A History of Arts degree help graduates develop skills that are highly valued by employers, skills such as critical and creative thinking; oral, written and visual commutation skills. Many History of Art graduates go on to study the subject even further such as an MA in Museum and Gallery studies etc. Jobs relating to a History of Art degree include:

  • Commercial art gallery manager
  • Heritage manager
  • Museum conservator
  • Archivist
  • Lecturer

The top universities to study a History of Art degree at:

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