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A-Level Law Tuition in London

The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law.

– Jeremy Bentham

At Tutor House, we provide A-Level Law Tuition that is engaging and enjoyable. Our knowledgeable Law tutors deliver carefully planned lessons that are tailored to individual student’s needs. With years of experience both in and outside the classroom, they aim to make Law fun and interactive so learning and retaining information is easy while also working with students to identify where they are struggling, and helping them to tackle these areas head on.

Studying Law at A-Level is a great way to learn more about the society around you and the way in which individuals, including you, interact with one another and with other bodies such as governmental agencies and corporations. Students who study A-Level Law will improve their chances of being accepted into university, either to take a Law degree, a social science or business degree, or any other course of study. Whether students want a career in Law, or in other areas such as education, human resources, finance or business, a good understanding of law can really assist them in realising their goals for the future.

Breakdown of the core Law A-Level modules:

The key modules: of undergoing an A-Level in Law are:

  • Law Making and the Legal System
  • The Concept of Liability
  • Criminal Law or Contract
  • Criminal Law or Tort and Concepts of Law

Benefits of studying A-Level Law

A-Level Law is a fascinating subject that requires a lot of reading and writing. Studying Law at A-Level not only gives students a heads start before going on to study the course further at university level, but it also allows students to develop relevant analytical and debating skills.

Why is it worth studying Law at A-Level?

A-Level Law allows students to understand how the legal system works, and not just what law actually is and means. Law explores the roles of the law professionals, as well as how laws were and are made. Students are encouraged to apply their legal knowledge within real life scenarios to explain the outcome of a particular case.

What can you do with a Law degree?

Just because you have studied Law at university does not necessarily mean you have to become a solicitor or barrister; there are many career possibilities beyond the legal profession, these include:

  • Advice worker
  • Chartered legal executive
  • Company secretary
  • Solicitor
  • Chartered accountant
  • Patent attorney

The top universities to study a Law degree at

Other subjects covered

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