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A-Level Music Tuition in London

For you I know I’d even try to turn the tide.

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Tutor House provides a professional tutoring service for students studying A-Level Music in London. Our Music tutors all have over three years tutoring experience (though most have many more) and are proficient in their chosen subjects. We take the time to listen to students and parents individual needs to ensure we find the right tutor for them, and give weekly feedback to inspire students to continue to learn and improve. Our excellent reputation speaks for itself and we are proud that we have helped students improve their grades year after year.

A common fallacy is that music is for those who are born with it, in reality music is a skill and, like any skill, it can be taught and learnt. Here at Tutor House we consider it our responsibility to teach and enliven a passion for Music. Unlike academic subjects in many respects, and as with the all the arts, Music connects and inspires people. Another myth is that there it is impossible to get a job in the arts. This again isn’t true, whether it’s art, music, or even dance, we live in a time and country where culture is celebrated, and if you have a real passion there’s as much scope for a career as a dancer or musician as there is for an engineer or an accountant. Arts are at the forefront and we want to help put people there.

There are also academic aspects to the arts, as the technical side is very complex. Often mathematical or philosophical backgrounds really help to get to grips with the higher end of the subjects.

Breakdown of the core Music A-Level modules:

Students will be required to develop performance skills (solo and/or ensemble), compose music and learn about harmony (the basics at AS and stylistic studies at A2). They will build up their aural and analytical skills by studying selections from an anthology and wider listening.

The A-level is excellent preparation for higher education courses in Music, but is equally valuable for non-specialists as a second or third area of study. The AS units alone can offer a broad and satisfying experience for those who want to conclude their musical studies at this point.

We have listened to the argument that marking performances entirely from recordings does not always allow students’ commitment and communication skills to be recognised fully. In this new specification, teachers will initially mark performances. Work will then be externally moderated. This is where our tuition is really helps students as we teach them on a deep level as opposed to just the syllabus they’ll study in class.

Benefits of studying A-Level Music

A-Level Music is amazingly creative subject to study. It not only allows students to express themselves creatively through their very own composed piece of music, it also gets students thinking creatively and analytically, all at the same time. Students will come out with a whole new thinking to the way music is created. Many students find study Music at A-Level as a way to relax whilst they are stressed with their other subjects, it’s a great balance to have whilst studying other complex subjects such as Maths and English.

Why is it worth studying A-Level Music

Studying A-Level Music can give students a great doc of social, technical and business skills, which will help them acquire the skills for future employability including:

  • Good physical dexterity, memory and concentration – developed in practice and performance
  • Teamwork
  • Planning – organising and working towards a project/ performance
  • Technical skills and expertise – using technology to create and record music and studying acoustics
  • Critical reflection – giving and receiving criticism, learning from mistakes and developing from creative ideas

What can you do with a Music degree?

A music degree is for someone who is interested in theoretical knowledge as well as wider aspects of the music industry, job opportunities after graduation may include:

  • Music therapist
  • Musician
  • Private music tutor
  • Radio producer
  • Theatre stage manager
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Arts administrator

The top universities to study a Music degree at:

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