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A-Level Sociology Tuition in London

Society is the old man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz.

-Gloria Steinheim

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In Sociology you will engage in the study of varied societies and cultures from all over the world, and across many different periods of time. In essence Sociology is the study of human interaction: understanding how human social processes, institutions and behaviour have been shaped and continue to evolve in the modern world. The study of these issues helps explore and make sense of your own experiences in society today. Investigation is encouraged through examining diverse views of sociologists and their theoretical perspectives, but always basing their concerns in the practical issues that face society today. Sociology hones intellectual skills, sharpens the tools that help you think for yourself, and provides an enjoyable and critically insightful appreciation of societies across the globe

Breakdown of the core Sociology A-Level modules:

The key modules: in undertaking an Sociology A-Level are:

  • Culture and identity
  • Education with research methods; Health with research methods
  • Beliefs in Society; Global Development; Mass Media; Power and Politics
  • Crime and deviance with theory and methods; Stratification and Differentiation with theory and methods

Why is it worth studying A-Level Sociology

A-Level Sociology helps students develop marketable skills for their CV, such as:

  • Developing opinions and new ideas on societal issues
  • Working collaboratively
  • Making reasoned arguments
  • Appreciating the complexity and diversity of social situations

What can you do with a Sociology degree?

Having a Sociology degree helps opens up a door to a variety of fun career possibilities, such as:

  • Social worker
  • Social researcher
  • Youth worker
  • International aid/ development worker
  • Charity fundraiser

The top universities to study a Sociology degree at:

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