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Learn online in the comfort of your own home with some of the best Physics tutors in York. Local Physics tutors available: from Primary to Degree Level! Private Physics tuition for GCSE, A-Level, I.B. & more.

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Why Tutor House tutors?

Tutor House was founded by teachers with years of experience in education. Therefore, we know what makes a good tutor - that is why only 20% of tutors who apply to tutor with us are successful.

How many lessons do I need?

Tutor House was founded by teachers with years of experience in education. Therefore, we know what makes a good tutor - that is why only 20% of tutors who apply to tutor with us are successful.

How do I book a lesson?

Once you have contacted your tutor, you can discuss everything with them, including lesson times, start dates and which specific subjects or areas you need help with. Tutors will then send you a booking request, and once you have accepted, you're good to go! All payments are made securely via the site.

Looking for a Physics tutor in York?

Looking for Physics Tutors in York? Physics, for many, is the most challenging of the three core sciences. Whether you are thinking about further education, need to better understand quantum physics for your job, or simply want to ace your GCSEs, Tutor House has a range of experienced tutors that are here to help you achieve your goals. Studying physics is not only for those who want to go onto study it at university. Physics is the very essence of everyday life. And often, maths and physics go hand in hand in understanding the concepts, formulas, and laws of physics at any level. If physics is that one subject you struggle with or you simply want to brush up on your skills. Our physics tutors provide extensive tuition plans personalised to your individual needs. Once you have messaged us with your tutor preferences you will be matched with a small selection of our tutors and receive a free trial call with the tutor of your choice. Once you are happy with your tutor you can then book in blocks of lessons whether that be 5, 10, or 15 at a time. There is also a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option for those that only want to book a lesson or two. At Tutor House, we provide online or in-person physics tutoring to suit the student's individual needs. With your online physics tutor, you will learn everything you need to know all from the comfort of your own home. We understand that the needs of every student are different. Your physics tutor will provide you with a personalised learning plan to help keep you on track to perform to the best of your ability no matter your level of study. Physics is at the heart of scientific learning. It may be the least popular of its counterparts but it appeals to those who want to combine physics with maths and other subjects in order to take the subject onto further education. Physics GCSE is the building block upon which you develop your understanding of the later topics and concepts. If you are already thinking about taking physics beyond A-level and further, you should see this as the opportunity to create a solid foundation of knowledge. Physics A-level has been described as a ‘facilitating subject’ by Russell Group universities, allowing you to apply to a wide range of university courses. Mastering A-Level physics can set you up to go on to do amazing things with technology, machinery, the climate, space, and more! Even if you aren’t thinking about university and are taking A-Level physics, think about getting a Physics tutor in York to give you the support you need to succeed.

Evgenia M

Evgenia M

Chemistry Tutor

Evgenia is an excellent tutor. She’s very friendly, patient and made topics I struggled with easy to understand. Highly recommend and look forward to more lessons with her.

Katya S, Parent

Olivier S

Olivier S

Maths Tutor

I feel that Ollie has hugely helped me out in my studies; he has helped me revise for my mocks and learn things I was not able to grasp in school. Ollie keeps me interested in learning!

Amelia H, Student