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Tutor House has had some fantastic media coverage from local, national and online newspapers, blogs, magazines and websites. Our coverage includes live interviews on the BBC and ITV’s Good Morning Britain, articles and mentions from The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Times, The Telegraph, Independent School Magazine, Teacher Talk and the Good Schools Guide, where we are rated A!

Director of Tutor House, Alex Dyer also writes for The Huffington Post.

Here’s just an example of the PR support Tutor House has had from national newspapers. Click on any of the following images to read what others say about Tutor House:


Mr Dyer, who expects more than a third of students on the Easter course to be from state grammars or comprehensives, admitted that some teenagers would be ‘groaning and moaning’ at the prospect of studying on holiday.

‘But once they improve their grades and get into the college or university they want, they will see why it was worth it,’ he added.

A quarter of UK pupils now get some form of coaching, up from 18 per cent five years ago, says education charity the Sutton Trust.


A growing number of companies already offer holiday tutors who will travel abroad with affluent families abroad for one or two weeks so that their children can study on ski slopes or at the beach.

But the London based company Tutor House this week unveiled a package for a “residential tutor” who would live in the family homes for up to ten weeks – the entire duration of the summer holidays.


New ski-and-study services offered to families with school-age children bring fresh meaning to the term “snowplough parents”.  Both are determined to remove any object blocking their child’s developmental path.

In this case, the blockage takes the form of looming summer examinations, and the risk that revision schedules threaten to interfere with the skiing season.


Alex Dyer, managing director of Tutor House, which provides private tutors and education consultants, urges university applicants to view their personal statement as a “sales pitch”. He says:

“Open it with a ‘wow’ declaration about why you want to pursue the subject — but nothing too silly, such as wanting to do veterinary science because you like cats.


“Not according to Tutor House, a new service that provides private tutors to accompany families on holiday, to teach children between 11 and 18 any GCSE or A-level subject, for up to five hours a day. Tutor House says the service means families can take their children out of school during term time, and at “key revision periods like Christmas

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