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The Benefits of Residential Placements and Tuition

Benefits of Residential Placements

Residential placements are becoming more and more popular. Parents are beginning to realise the significance of having residential tutors whilst they travel, work or want to provide their child with the extra learning support they need. In changing times where it is difficult to juggle a multitude of tasks, parents often feel frustrated at not having enough time to oversee their child doing their homework or help with any classroom learning. For this reason, parents do not wish for their child to be left behind and would much rather prefer seeking a reliable, trustworthy and experienced tutor to assist.

Having a residential tutor whilst you are travelling:

Taking time off and going away on holiday with the family is a special moment for many families. Whether families go away for weeks or months, parents will often dedicate a portion of the day to studies. The reason why many families will insist this will be so that their child keeps developing and progressing. It also gives the child an opportunity to work on any areas of concern with the tutor. Working with a tutor whilst travelling can be an enjoyable experience! In new and relaxed settings tutors will find that students will be engaging and receptive.

Having a residential tutor whilst you are working:

The pressures associated with work commitments can often leave you with little or no time. Therefore many parents will seek a residential tutor to assist their child with their homework and classroom work. Many parents will also like to set learning objectives for their child and ask a tutor to help achieve them. This also enables a child to work with one tutor over a period of time so that areas of concern can be addressed and the child progresses.

Having a residential tutor for extra support:

Sometimes classroom learning is not enough and parents may feel like their child would benefit from extra support at home. Many children can be left feeling lost or confused in a classroom setting and some may even be too shy to ask questions. Residential tutors work with the child to help boost their confidence and go through subject material with them at a pace that suits the child and is conducive for their learning. Many parents have seen huge improvements by simply having a residential tutor.

Tried and tested by parents:

“Oli worked so well with the children, having him with us for the summer break was fantastic. Now back at school the children are steps ahead from where they were 3 months ago. The one to one tuition was much needed! Thanks.”