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Which are the best jobs that we should be encouraging our children to get ready for now?

The employment landscape is constantly evolving. And with new technology and advances across many business sectors, what were once considered the best jobs may now not offer the opportunities they once did.

Of course there are many different factors to think about when thinking as parents or teachers about the kind of careers advice we should be giving our children. Obviously, earning a good wage is crucial, but job satisfaction and aptitude and passion in your position in an organisation are also extremely important and needs to be considered further.

Research has indicated that jobs considered both reasonable ‘safe’ and lucrative such as banking, law or stockbroking may not remain so in the future. Think about it, 10 years ago who had heard of a Social Media Consultant? Now, opportunities in all kinds of social media are becoming some of the most popular, highly paid and most sought after roles.

By the year 2030, the entire job market may well have changed. Experts who predict what the most sought after jobs will be have suggested that we may see a demand for increased farming as food will become more scarce, and thus coming up with ways to produce a greater volume of crops more quickly and to save space while doing so will be important. Evidence of an aging population in the UK also suggests that jobs in the healthcare sector may become more popular, particularly those focused on improving the health and well-being of the elderly.

Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, home health aids, and pharmacists are also likely to be in greater demand. Of course this demand will be for a mixture of highly skilled and lower skilled workers with those who are higher skilled enjoying greater financial rewards. Maths and the sciences (particularly biology) are important to get onto appropriate courses in medical care.

Information technology is another career choice that is only likely to become ever more popular and exciting as time goes on. Huge leaps have been made in this field over the last decade and with plenty of IT businesses thriving as well as the continual investment into improving information technology, this sector will continue to grow and grow.

Renewable energy is another sector that is gaining more momentum. While our oil and gas resources are not exhausted yet, there has been an increased urgency to find alternative and reliable energy sources before this happens, making specialising in alternative energy a wise career choice. Mechanics and plant managers as well as scientists and engineers will all be required and not only will they become a desirable and lucrative jobs in the future, dedicating ones time to help save the planet is also likely to give great job satisfaction too!

Marketing, advertising, content creation and roles relating to social media are all also careers for the future that are likely to be in high demand. There has been a greater need to encourage creativity in the classroom in recent years, and certainly if a student has a creative streak, encouraging the development of this is constructive. Businesses are always looking for new ways to market their products and services and the ability to write or to come up with and realise exciting and unusual ways to do this is, and always will continue to be profitable.

Of course, it’s commonplace for a person to have several careers throughout their working life. As opposed to 20 years ago where people would remain in the same position or company until retirement, the current trend is now to move jobs every few years. Businesses offering good career progression and new and interesting opportunities for their employees are likely to see a lower turnover whereas those that don’t will find employees are more than happy to jump ship in favour of a better offer.

Equipping children with the right skills for their chosen career is important. However, while having specialised knowledge has its advantages, those with a good overall education and the ability to learn and adapt to new situations and climates are likely to be in the best position to attain the most desirable jobs overall.