The 10 Best Brain Foods to Eat When Revising

December 8, 2020
Exams & Revision

Let’s face it, when revising for important exams sometimes pupils need all the help they can get. Putting the time and effort into revising is extremely important, and private tuition offered by Tutor House will give students the best chance to achieve their optimum results in the forthcoming summer exams.

However it’s not all about the revision, it’s about looking after your body and mind as well. Eating the right kind of foods can significantly improve energy levels, concentration and brain power. Just as eating well day to day can prevent many diseases, there has been a great deal of evidence from health professionals that certain foods can give your brain a boost. This means you are more likely to be able to not only concentrate better, but also feel more energised, enthusiastic and have the ability to better retain information too!

So what are these super foods that we should eat when revising?

The top ten ‘super brain’ foods to keep you alert and ready to process information are listed below.

1. Apples 🍎

We have all heard the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ well now it seems these easily accessible fruits are also fantastic for keeping your brain in tip top shape as well. Apples contain quercetin (particularly in the skins), which is an antioxidant which protects the brain cells against free radicals. This is important as free radicals can damage the outer lining of neurone around the brain and therefore cognitive function.

2. Blueberries 💙

These lovely little berries don’t just taste great, they are a powerful fruit jam packed with antioxidants and goodness too. Research has shown that eating one cup of blueberries every day can have a significant impact on your ability to learn and your memory. There are loads of ways to eat berries, put them in porridge or cereals for a breakfast boost or make them into smoothies for a healthy and delicious drink.

3. Broccoli 🥦

Perhaps not everyone’s favourite, Broccoli is well worth eating as it’s high in vitamin K which has been shown to improve the brains ability to process information as well as having a powerful effect on your cognitive function.  Broccoli can be made into soups, pan fried into stir fry’s or simply boiled as a side dish.

4. Oily Fish 🍣

The natural fats occurring in some fish are known as the ‘good fats.’ Scientifically proven to prevent the brain from ageing, having plenty of fatty fish such as salmon and sardines as part of your diet is definitely a wise move. Fatty fish such as these contain omega-3 fatty acids and DHA and NPA which are wonderful brain boosting supplements to help with concentration and improve memory function.

5. Tomatoes 🍅

The humble tomato is another example of a fruit that is packed with nutrition and the antioxidant lycopene which strengthens cells helping them to remain unaffected by toxins. Tomatoes are great in salads, roasted in the oven, or simply as a healthy snack on their own.

6. Nuts and Seeds 🌰

Another handy snack, nuts and seeds are fantastic to boost energy levels as they release energy slowly and steadily over a period of time. Like fish they are also a brilliant source of ‘good fats’ and vitamin E which has been proven to enhance your ability to make decisions. There is a huge variety of nuts to choose from, so easy to find some to enjoy. Just remember that despite being powerfully good for you, nuts do contain very high levels of fat and calories so remember to eat them in moderation!

7. Wholegrains 🍝

An important source of energy that keep energy levels up during revision. Wholegrains provide a steady source of energy which is released slowly making them very effective. You can find whole grains in cereals, brown rice and pasta, and brown granary bread.

8. Sage 🍃

Who knew that this little herb could do so much? Studies have shown that sage can improve memory so simply sprinkle it on other foods for a quick and easy brain boost!

9. Chicken & Lean meats 🍗

Lean Meats are an excellent source of protein, go for organic free range chicken and you’ll also be stocking up on all important vitamins B3 and B6 which help convert carbohydrates into glucose which is great for energy levels. B3 is also excellent for reducing stress levels making them a wise choice of brain food for revision. Lean meats also contain Selenium which is great for boosting the immune system.

10. Chocolate 🍫

Saving the best until last, the good news is that chocolate has many great health benefits. Studies have shown that not only can chocolate reduce your blood pressure, but it also keeps your brain alert and focussed and can prevent memory loss. The reason? The presence of polyphenols in cocoa increases blood flow to the brain.

There are a great many foods that make excellent choices as the best brain food for revision. Tutor House offer private tuition for students studying at any level. Tutor House also run revision courses which are perfect for students who work better in a group setting, or simply get distracted working alone. Providing structured learning environments, a robust revision schedule and eating these fantastic brain foods are sure to put students in the best possible shape and frame of mind to do well in their summer exams.

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Alex Dyer

Alex is the founder and director of Tutor House and has a degree in Psychology. He has worked in the educational industry for 14 years; teaching Psychology for 8 years at a school in London. He now runs Tutor House, after setting it up in 2012. Alex still tutors every week, he writes for the Huffington Post and has appeared on the BBC and ITV to discuss educational topics. Alex is an educational consultant and UCAS expert, he’s worked with hundreds of students over the years. He’s obsessed with squash, but is distinctly average.

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