Fancy getting paid £100 an hour to tutor a sleeping student?

February 9, 2021

Sign Up as a Tutor You’ll be paid up to £100 an hour to help students with exam preparation and revision, teaching them maths, English and other core subjects - all while they are sleeping.

As a tutor your job will be to explain the learning material to students while they are awake, then repeat the information to the individual as they sleep, so they can reactivate memories and revise the information they have just learnt.

Sleep tutors can run sessions at any time of the day or night, depending on the student's needs, either remotely through online channels or in person. In-person sleep tuition is expected to cost students £100 an hour due to the anti-social hours associated with the service, and remote sleep tuition £50 an hour.

We decided to launch this unusual service after recent research revealed that people retain more information when asleep and that ‘memories are reactivated in the brain during sleep

The research involved participants being taught a series of associations between words and pictures. After learning the basic associations, some participants took a 90-minute nap whilst the words were replayed to them during their sleep, whereas others stayed awake with no reactivation. Following the testing, researchers discovered that the participants who were presented with the words in their sleep recalled the information better than those who didn’t sleep.

After learning about this, we decided to create a service to expand on these findings and use it help students increase their memory retention during exam season.

If you’re interested in becoming a sleep tutor, let us know about you and sign up below.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us.

People wanting to hire a ‘sleep’ tutor can do so here.

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Alex Dyer

Alex is the founder and director of Tutor House and has a degree in Psychology. He has worked in the educational industry for 14 years; teaching Psychology for 8 years at a school in London. He now runs Tutor House, after setting it up in 2012. Alex still tutors every week, he writes for the Huffington Post and has appeared on the BBC and ITV to discuss educational topics. Alex is an educational consultant and UCAS expert, he’s worked with hundreds of students over the years. He’s obsessed with squash, but is distinctly average.

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