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If you’re struggling with your Biology studies this term or are simply on the lookout for some new revision materials, we’ve put together a list of our top Biology A-Level resources to help you reach your full potential when it comes to exam day.

Khan Academy

A much-loved resource for a multitude of subjects, Khan Academy offers detailed insight into a whole host of Biology topics as well as providing free access to articles, exercises and videos for you to browse through. 

Although they don’t offer exam board specific resources, Khan Academy offers students a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of biology as well as the staples topics included across the A-Level Biology syllabus. 

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Get Revising

As a resource that can be useful for those studying either GCSE, A-Level Biology or IB Biology, Get Revising offers a series of revision tools including teacher recommended downloadable revision guides, study planners and A-Level Biology past papers.

A site used by both teachers and students, Get Revising has gained popularity over the years and has earned its place as a staple for revising students. 

Use this site to find everything from past papers and insightful mind maps to downloadable documents, presentations and revision notes. As notes are uploaded by past and current students, be sure to look out for teacher recommended resources and positive teacher comments to ensure you are learning from the correct information.

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S-cool is a free provider of educational resources. Simply select your level of study and area you want to focus on and S-Cool will present you with a topic breakdown for you to scroll through and take notes from. For additional learning resources, like past papers and revision summaries, S-cool does require you to sign up but don't worry, it's totally free!

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The Student Room

If you don’t already know about The Student Room.com, then get to know! The site itself offers far more than just access to free educational resources, but for the sake of this article, we are going to focus on the Biology Revision Threads.

Students themselves have uploaded links to past-paper sites, examiner reports for each Biology exam board, specification guidelines, specimen papers, grade boundaries, trusted revision sites along with links to other useful threads. For example, this AS and A-Level Biology Resources thread breaks revision resources down into simple sections. 

The Student Room is also a great way to chat with other students studying for their Biology A-Level. Students use the site to ask more niche questions they have about their studies and receive alternative insight into all things revision, exams, and school.

The Student Room | Screenshot

Revision Science

If past papers are your thing, Revision Science has made a handy list of all Biology A-Level exam board past papers. From there you can click on the exam board that you need and download both past papers and mark schemes, free of charge. 

As doing practice papers is one of the best ways to test your Biology knowledge, why not take a look at their references and save the tab for when you are ready to tackle them.

Revision Science | Screenshot

Maths Made Easy

Despite its name, this site isn’t just for Maths Students. MME offers extensive Biology Revision notes as well as a range of A-Level Biology past papers to its users.

With their full list of AS and A-Level Biology resources, you can find booklets of questions made for each section that are applicable across the different exam boards. If you want a physical document to scribble notes down and practice your question and answer recall, MME A-Level Biology downloads are a fantastic free resource to print out.

A-Level Biology

As a site dedicated solely to the provision of free Biology resources, A-Level Biology allows you to get straight to the materials that matter to you. They split their resources into separate revision sections for each exam board and offer complete A-Level Biology Revision materials in the form of quizzes, mind maps, exam booklets and past papers.

A-Level Biology | Screenshot


Designed for students studying AQA Biology specifically, BiologyMad breaks down AS and A-Level modules and provides topic notes with supplementary support materials including, animations, quizzes, diagrams and worksheets. Even if AQA isn’t your Biology exam board, BiologyMad covers the fundamentals of Biology A-Level and is a firm student favourite.

Tutor House

If you are looking for additional help with your Biology studies and would like to achieve grades significantly higher than you are at the moment, contact a member of the Tutor House team and we can connect you with some of the best Biology tutors in the country from as little as £20/hr! 

Top Biology YouTube Channels

Biology Carol

Biology Carol offers free exam board specific guidance to anyone interested in A-Level Biology. Her videos are loved by Biology students across the country due to her in-depth and thorough approach to teaching. 

Biology Carol's videos may be considered quite long by those who are used to the usual 10-minute summary, however, she offers insightful knowledge on topics such as ‘Gas exchange in plants’ with enough detail to get you the top grade in your exam.

Snap Revise

SnapRevising caters to both GCSE and A-Level students, offering high-quality video presentation on a range of Biology topics suitable for OCR, AQA and Edexcel exam boards. Use these videos to supplement your revision and try listening sitting through a lecture without taking notes once in a while. 

CrashCourse Biology

Although CrashCourse is primarily an American based channel, it’s Biology section can give you a colourful overview of many of the key topics included within the A-Level Biology syllabus.

These short, upbeat and animated videos are great for extra note-taking and offering you a varied approach to your revision. Take a scroll through their list of Biology topics and single out videos that cover areas you struggle with or need a fresh perspective on. 

Crash Course YouTube | Screenshot

Hopefully, with the help of these resources, you’ll be able to keep your revision sessions varied and insightful. And remember if you are in need of additional help with your Biology studies and would like to achieve grades significantly higher than you are at the moment, contact a member of our team and we can connect you with some of the best Biology tutors in the country from as little as £20/hr! 

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