Parent Tuition service launch after two thirds of parents reveal they don’t understand their child’s homework

February 9, 2021

Homework can be a bugbear for parents as much as it is for children. It’s common now for parents to complain about how difficult their child’s homework is, and how assisting them with it is impossible because education has changed so much since they were at school.

Taking this onboard we decided to find out exactly what you think about homework, so surveyed 2,528 parents on how they tackle studying at home - the results were astonishing!

Only a fifth (22%) of parents said they helped their children regularly to study and when asked which parent assists their children with homework, just one in 10 respondents answered the Father.

Two thirds (68%) of parents admitted they don’t understand their children’s homework and half (47%) of those parents worry that they are hindering their child’s education by trying to help.

Almost all of the respondents (93%) said that they struggle with new terminology the most, and more than two thirds (67%) said they don’t understand new teaching methods.

We realised that the main problem here is that parents do not have the confidence to help their children with homework, and who can blame them? The curriculum is constantly being updated, you just have to speak to one teacher to get the full extent of how quickly our education system changes.

As one of the UK’s leading tutoring agencies, we also realised that we are in a position to help, so have decided to launch parent tuition - where parents can receive either face-to-face or online tuition on their child’s current school syllabus, so they can help them study with confidence.

The service costs £40/hour, and can be as bespoke as you like - if you just want to learn year 10 biology, that’s fine, or if you want to learn the whole secondary school curriculum, that’s fine too!

Parent tutors can cover a wide range of core subjects, such as Maths, English, Geography and Science, with a particular focus on how the children are being taught the subject matter.

Contact us for more information on how to find the perfect parent tutor for you!

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Contact us for more information on how to find the perfect parent tutor for you!

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