Hampshire revealed as the most expensive region to hire a tutor


There’s no argument that private tuition can have a huge impact on a student’s education. Often a private tutor is hired to help a student accomplish their goals, understand school material better or to just feel generally more confident while learning. However, what many aren’t aware of is how much tuition costs can vary depending on where you live in the UK.

So, we decided to look at our internal data and see just how much the price of tuition varies.

For this research, we tracked more than 50,000 data points from counties across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The results indicated that Hampshire is currently the most expensive area to tutor, followed by London and Surrey. In terms of subjects, Mandarin tuition was revealed to have the highest average hourly rate.

The most expensive regions to hire a tutor in the UK and their average hourly rates are as follows:

1. Hampshire - £39.56

2. London - £39.01

3. Surrey - £38.89

4. Manchester - £38.77

5. Warwickshire - £38.10

6. Somerset - £37.35

7. Buckinghamshire - £37.12

8. Oxfordshire - £37.02

9. Sussex - £36.97

10. Wiltshire - £36.55

The cheapest regions and their average hourly rates are as follows:

1. Gloucestershire - £29.33

2. Yorkshire - £29.60

3. Kent - £29.92

4. Cornwall - £29.98

5. Dorset - £30.05

6. Norfolk - £30.56

7. Isle of Wight - £30.83

8. Lincolnshire -  £31.10

9. Middlesex - £31.74

10. Staffordshire - £32.02

We also used the data to find out which subjects are the most expensive to be tutored in. Mandarin was revealed as the priciest with an average cost of £53 an hour, whereas History was revealed as the cheapest at £32 an hour on average.

The most expensive subjects to be tutored in, as well as their average hourly cost,  are as follows:

1. Mandarin - £53.00

2. Physics - £47.50

3. Chemistry - £45.80

4. German - £45.20

5. French - £42.95

6. Maths - £40.56

7. Spanish - £38.90

8. Biology - £37.00

9. English Literature - £35.40

10. Psychology - £34.37

The research also revealed that where there is a high concentration of private and grammar schools, private tuition is more expensive by around £5.80 an hour on average.

Alex Dyer, founder of Tutor House, said,

“For thousands of students every year, private tuition is the difference between obtaining the results they want and being disappointed. Being privately tutored is becoming ever more common and affordable, but what many people don’t consider is how much the cost of tuition can vary, and like with most things, location plays a big part in what is charged. So, we decided to show people just how much the price fluctuates based on where in the UK you are."

“Our findings were somewhat surprising, as we expected London to be at the top of the list, however, Hampshire is an affluent area, so it’s logical that tuition will be on the pricier side. What is very clear from the data is that there is a North/South divide, and like house prices, tuition costs more in the south of England.”

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