How to Catch-Up on Missed Education post Covid-19

August 14, 2021

UNICEF reports that as of April 2020 schools closed across 188 countries to contain the spread of COVID-19. This resulted in more than 1 billion students being at risk of falling behind in school. Students all around the world are asking the same question: how can you make up for this lost time in education in the coming year? Well, we have some answers for you.

Peer Collaboration 

It can’t be stressed enough that you are not alone here and there are many students going through similar experiences to you. Try forming a support group between you and your peers and learn from each other. One of the best ways to practise new material is to try and explain it to someone who may not have full grasp of it yet. Alternatively, your peers can give you the help you need to work out something that you are struggling with. Sharing resources and ideas between you and your friends can be really beneficial in these circumstances. Try to start a WhatsApp group or suggest a group project to your teacher. Working together will give you and your friends what you need to make the most of the next academic year.

Summer School

Another fantastic way to interact with your peers is to try a summer school. It might sound like a massive pain: who really wants to spend sunny days in a stuffy classroom? Don’t be put off, summer school is so much more than what it may appear to be. It is an efficient way of catching up with work without putting too much stress on your shoulders. It can be fun too, you get to make new friends and regain confidence and positivity about learning. Right now, a lot of schools recognise how summer school is important to help students cover missed material. Check out your school summer programme if this applies to you.   

Weekly Tuition

While it can be a great option, Summer School isn’t for everyone. A fantastic alternative is Weekly Tuition. Tuition is a great way to add several hours of focused study into your busy schedule and the one-to-one attention you receive from a tutor really helps you to identify and improve areas that you might be struggling with. Your tutor can go at the pace you need and even tailor their lesson plans to suit you personally. With several classes you can even develop a rapport with your tutor. Tutor House provides catch up classes at affordable prices, starting from £20 per hour. With regular tuition we have seen students improve their grades up to three times higher. Our tutors are all thoroughly vetted and are highly experienced, they will help you ace your exams in no time!

Wellbeing Support

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that we really need to take care of ourselves and our mental wellbeing. Sometimes a good walk (or run) in the park can really give you energy for the day – much more than that tempting cup of coffee – it really does help you refresh and rethink your ideas especially when you may feel like you have writers block. Overworking yourself and becoming too stressed out will probably make it harder for you to catch up on work, so make sure you look after your own mental health and keep an eye out for your friends too. Think about what you enjoyed doing most during lockdown and how you can possibly maintain that now that life is about to become much more fast paced. Find a good support system where you can unload your worries to and ask advice – whether that’s family, friends, tutors, or teachers.

To Sum it All Up…

Think ahead, if you want to regain your confidence studying and at school, summer school and tuition are two brilliant options for you. Just remember, now more than ever people will understand why things might not be going according to plan, so you can ask for help without stigma. Don’t let Covid-19 control your future, with these tips you can catch-up and even go further than before.

Need to catch-up on your studies?

We offer catch-up classes specifically for students who missed out on education due to Covid-19. Make the most of this, get ahead of your studies and achieve top grades.

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Sadiyah Zaman

Sadiyah is our Content Writer and Tutor Manager, who loves everything creative, having studied architecture and linguistics at university. She has previously worked as an English language teacher in both the UK and Italy and is passionate about equal education for everyone.

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