How to Write an Eye-Catching & Impactful Tutor CV

April 13, 2022

Working as a teacher is a rewarding profession that gives you the rare opportunity to bring out the best in someone and influence their life. However, it is also a highly competitive field which means you have to have tangible experience and a compelling CV to land you the job or opportunity you deserve. This is also true for a career in tutoring.

Tutoring can be a flexible and fulfilling career path, especially for individuals with sound teaching knowledge and mastered their subject. But to instil trust in potential employers, you need to include metrics in your CV to make it flawless and professional and show off your tutoring skills. Having an eye-catching and impactful tutor CV can help you land new client's in no time.

What You Need to Include in Your Tutor CV Profile

Key Skills and Subject Knowledge

You need to be well versed in the subjects, curriculum, and exams you plan to tutor in; therefore, you need to show that you have what it takes. You could do so by highlighting the value you can add to your education section and profile.

It is also vital to showcase your key tutoring skills, such as producing progress reports, individual learning needs, lesson planning, etc. You should tailor your most valuable skill to the requirements of the job you are applying for.

Relevant Experiences

Provide a spirited overview of your relevant experience, whether school or private tutoring experience. If you are still a graduate and have no tutoring experience, shift your focus to your degree and subject knowledge.

Achievements and Results

In addition to experience, incorporating your tutoring achievements can help improve your odds of landing a job. However, if you have little experience, you can highlight an impressive assignment or exam grade to showcase your potential.


Subject-specific and education qualifications are essential for tutoring jobs as they help showcase your abilities. Highlight your PGCE, degree(s), subject, or vocational teaching qualifications. If you are DBS checked and received exceptional A-Level grades in relevant subjects, mention that.

Verbal and Written Communication

You need to have commendable communication skills, whether it's communicating methods coherently and clearly to students or writing feedback reports. It is crucial to demonstrate your writing ability throughout your CV, ensuring it's free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Organisation and Planning Skills

As a tutor, you will have to juggle several students with varying learning styles and ability levels which means your planning, time management, and organisational skills should be spot on. Detail your technique for planning your lessons and preparing your students in your role description to showcase how suitable you are for a tutoring job.

Revision Techniques

A tutor's role is to help students improve their grades which means you have to help them adapt revision techniques that would be better suited to their unique learning style. The best way to include this in your CV would be to list the technique and tools you use to help your students prepare for their exams.

How to Write a Compelling CV for a Tutoring Job

Use Relevant Keywords

For your CV to be compelling, it should contain proper educational terminology to highlight your experience in the field. Besides, using keywords makes getting your CV past the applicant tracking systems easier.

Focus on Being the Perfect Candidate

Every employer has an ideal candidate in mind regarding qualification and experience when trying to fill a vacancy. These traits may vary from one job ad to the next, but you stand a better chance of landing an interview if you manage to nail a few key attributes.

Know Your Audience

Most hiring managers focus more on experience, qualifications, attributes, and methodology. Therefore, instead of making a list of your previous duties, your CV should focus on your accomplishments and the values you bring.

Associate Your Students' Academic Achievements with Your Success

Emphasising the influence you had on your former students' academic achievements can prove to work in your favour. Highlight advancements like reading comprehension or use measurable improvements in academic achievements like better test scores.

It is essential to connect your career success to your students' since it shows that you value your students' success, development, and growth. For emphasis, you could provide unique examples of how you helped your students succeed and mentored them.

Showcase Your Analytical and Problem-Solving Abilities

Emphasising the unique skills you developed in previous tutoring roles will make your CV stand out. For instance, you can showcase your problem-solving and analytical skills or talk about your ability to break down complex concepts into simple steps. Additionally, you can mention a few hard skills, such as mathematics and technology proficiency.

Mention Any Additional Credentials or Certifications You Have

In addition to your degree, you could mention any other credentials or educational certifications relevant to the job, even if they are not a requirement for the position. For instance, you could include CPR certification and voluntary tutoring certifications from the NTA or ATA - also, mention your state educator's license (if you have one).

Make Sure You Highlight Your Tutoring Qualification in the Summary

As previously mentioned, qualifications are a key factor in determining whether or not you land a tutoring job. It is essential to highlight the grade levels you tutored, the subjects you worked in, and how much success you have achieved in your years of experience. You can make a lasting impression on your potential employer by demonstrating your expertise.

Make Sure Your CV Highlights Your Value

Whether you are applying to work directly with students or at an agency, your CV must express that you are a valuable asset for you to land a top-notch job. An effective CV should instantly impress your prospective clients. If you heed these guidelines, you will be able to create an eye-catching and impactful tutor CV that showcases your greatest accomplishments and qualifications and, in turn, helps you land a job interview.

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