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Super Tutors – are they heading to London?

November 29, 2012

The amazing World of Tutor Kings and Queens.

There are plenty of questions flying around the Education system at the moment in the United Kingdom. Questions like, “Why is the UK education now rated the 6th best in the world?” “Why are there so many international students in the U.K now?” “Why does every other person seem to have a tutor?”

A recent BBC article investigated the world of global ‘Super Tutors.’ The article suggests that 72% of students in Hong Kong have a tutor, that is a staggering amount. In addition, there are 70,000 students in Hong Kong, of these only 18,000 go on to university, that’s almost 1 in 4, again a staggering statistic.

Tutor ‘Kings and Queens’ in Hong Kong and China are the real deal, their faces are advertised on buses running through the city, they all have a rock star status, one of them even drives a Lamborghini! These tutors run evening revision sessions, inspiring students and motivating them to learn and ultimately pass their important exams. King tutors charge vast sums of money, they do however help less well-off students, but in classes of over 100, not really private tutoring. However, they are doing something right.

This surge in tutoring comes from a growth in the number of universities and increasing numbers of school leavers aiming for university. It’s university or bust time, Chinese students and parents are feeling the strain of university competition.

In the U.K it seems almost to be the opposite, yes children require tutors, that there is no doubt, some more than others. Although U.K students seem less interested in university, certainly compared to China. This is of course due to the rise in university fees, but there must be something else? What though?

Do teachers and tutors have less of a free reign, do they have to adhere to school and government regulations, which at this moment in time is the opposite of these highflying tutors in China. Classrooms here are uninspiring, boring and de-motivating, which is a real shame. Parents and children always praise private tuition, grades improve, confidence increases and children are inspired to learn.

I like the image of these King and Queen tutors, they are very important and influential. Perhaps this is what we need here in the U.K. Perhaps if we had this focus on academic success and gave tutors and teachers more respect and muscle then students and children would achieve better grades, giving them more opportunities. Perhaps if Mr Gove stopped messing around with the Education system and King and Queen tutors were running the show, there would be more respect for education and academic achievement. Perhaps this would bring back competition in the classroom throughout the U.K, the ‘geeky’ kids who do well, simply are not seen as cool, “It’s not cool to be clever Sir,” one young boy once told me.
This has to change and I believe that private tutors can lead the way to this academic success, which seems to be slipping away from the U.K.

Super tutors are the answer then, surely? Now where’s that Kryptonite?



Hiring a Common Entrance Tutor

November 7, 2012

Hiring a tutor for 11+ and 13+. Is it worth it?

Well, first off all a little background information into the Common Entrance exam.
The exams are regulated by the ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board) and the exams are sat in November (11+) and January or June (13+) every year.
The examinations are very different to what children would have undertaken before at their current School. Children are now assessed on verbal and non-verbal reasoning, in addition to Maths, English and Science questions.

Past exam papers are key here. It’s very important that children are thoroughly prepared for the Common Entrance exams. Working through example questions and devising mock questions and answers is imperative. The key to success is that tutors have plenty of experience. They should be up to date with the Common Entrance papers and know exactly what the Independent Schools will be looking for in the exams.

Parents are always asking me if it’s really worth hiring a tutor for their children at such a young age?

I always cheekily reply. “Did you have driving lessons before you took you test?”
Extra tuition at any age is a fantastic investment for parents. For your child to have one-to-one lessons (often in the home environment) give a child not just help in the chosen subject, but also a real sense of confidence in exam techniques. They will know how to perform well when is matters the most!
A personal tutor can often find a weak area and address the problem when a teacher (however gifted) can overlook this in a noisy, demanding class of 20 children.

It is essential to prepare well for Common Entrance. Getting into the right Senior School for you son or daughter lays the foundation for their adult life. A Private tutor will also help the family with Senior School selection. One that is perfect for the child’s intellectual, musical, sporting and pastoral needs. Private tuition is not a new idea. Conscientious children and parents have always wanted to achieve their personal goals and to exceed expectations. With extra tuition an ‘average’ student can surpass and surprise themselves and even their current School.
Why would any parent not give their child the best chance possible to succeed?

Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) Christmas revision courses

Dear All,

Welcome to Tutor House, the home of tailored Christmas revision courses for A-Level.

Why is the revision course so important?

Intensive crammer style classes
Maximum of 6 student in a class
One-one private tuition included every day
Daily feedback
Model answers and past exam questions
Study skills and exam focused
Identify key words and phases
Past paper questions and revision packs provided

Tutor Houses’ intensive Christmas revision courses focus on exam techniques and building confidence for students. It’s important that students understand the questions and can relate their answers to them, that what our experienced CRB checked tutors are here for.

The Christmas revision course covers the whole syllabus and looks through exam papers.

Contact Tutor House for more information.

BMAT and UKCAT tuition in London

October 27, 2012

Dear All,

If you need last minute help with BMAT and UKCAT, then contact tutor house. We have specialist tutors who can help prepare you for your medical examination in a few weeks time. Tutor House is based in Fulham, London, but our tutors travel to you for tuition. Tutors will work through exam papers, tackling those hard questions and also conduct mock interviews and role play.

Tutors travel throughout London and can help with all aspects of BMAT and UKCAT.

Good luck.

Finding a good Maths tutor in Fulham and Chelsea

October 19, 2012

Welcome to tutor house, the home of private A-Level and GCSE Maths tuition in Fulham, London.

Our Maths tutors have years of experience. They teach all boards including AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC Mathematics.

The majority of tutors teach in local schools in London, some are even examiners themselves.

Maths tutors work through past paper questions and provide students with new and easy techniques to improve their Maths A-level and GCSEs.

Contact tutor house for specialist educational support and fully qualified, CRB checked Maths tutors.

Help with personal statements for UCAS in London

October 2, 2012

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Tutor House, the home of tutoring and educational advice in London.

We give advice on how to write personal statements while helping you choose the correct course at university. Tutor House has been helping student for years – we have over 6 years of experience, helping devise personal statements.

A personal statement is personal to you, it’s about you. You must sell yourself, you must sell your assets. You must sell your interested and achievements. This can be sport, music, dance. What is best of course is your academic background and your personal achievements. A statement is – ‘a definite expression of something (you) in speech or text.’

Good luck and let tutor House know if we can help!

How can I find a Common Entrance tutor in London?

September 28, 2012

Well, call Tutor House of course. Private Common Entrance tuition at it’s best.

But why should you use us?

Tutor House ‘Top-ten’ reasons:

  • Successful tack record
  • Tutors have a fantastic success rate
  • All tutors are CRB checked
  • Tutors specialise in Common Entrance not just general tutoring
  • All tutors have years of Common Entrance experience
  • Tutors travel to you
  • Tutors give fortnightly feedback and updates on progress
  • Tutor House provides additional support and feeback
  • All tutors have a bank of Common Entrance papers and model answers
  • We’re not an agency, at Tutor House there is always someone to speak to and give advice.
Private Common Entrance Tuition in London

September 24, 2012

Tutor House offers private tuition for children preparing for Common Entrance (C.E) from the age of 10 years old. Our tutors work with children to answer past paper questions and help them understand key areas within the common entrance exams.

Tutor House


“C.E. is the first time a child will encounter topical questions in an unfamiliar
order or form (depending on how much exam experience they have had). There is
no point re-trudging through maths text books, in C.E. a child’s intelligence
is measured by his or her adaptability. Once a solid foundation of knowledge
has been formed, investing in revision books where a child must ‘chop and
change’ are a good idea. One exam question will often test three or four
topics, a child must be used to recognising which mix they are being faced
with. This is a different skill to working through the same type of question in
a textbook exercise, even if you’re getting them all correct.” (Such text books
can be procured from Waterstones or WH Smith. I would recommend either Letts or CGP. I am not a fan of brand’s own or the bond books: the questions
in these bond books rarely have much in common with questions in C.E. papers.)

“It is an obvious one, and marries well with my last point, but you must know these
topics inside out, upside-down, if they are wearing a rain mac and false
moustache you should be able to pick them out of the crowd. Not only this, but
how they interact with each other, what happens when an x and a / face each
other in a judo match? Who will win? or a + and -? Lots of practice with BODMAS


I love teaching C.E. English; it is one of the last few chances children have
to be creative with writing. There is not enough creativity in the
GCSE syllabus in my opinion. Lots of reading is paramount. The more a
child can be encouraged to experience new and exciting things they can draw on,
the better. Creative writing for fun, and brainstorming for ideas with others,
is to be recommended. This is a lovely exercise which parents can get involved
in too. Getting children to verbally describe their day at school so that they
can re-create an experience with words is all practice. A child’s lateral
thinking ability will be tested e.g. “How did this happen? As a result of
what? Why did this happen?” Often exam questions come in the form of a
passage which a child will be asked to continue. A tutor can easily get hold of
practice questions. Writing should include lots of imagery and
literary techniques, similes and metaphors etc. should be drawn on frequently.
Show off! One of the best exercises for those struggling, is to present a child
with a picture which will appeal to them (eg. warring Vikings!) and ask
them to write a story explaining how this picture came to be.”

“It is all very well letting creative juices run havoc but remember: structure
structure structure. A plan will go down with an examiner like a cup
of camomile tea (or something stronger) after a long day of marking. ‘The
student can think ahead!?’ ‘There is a through line!’ Or ‘Ooooooh THAT is what
they are getting at!’ It is not just a rambling (however
imaginative) inner monologue. It can be difficult to explain to a child:
‘you want me to be free and creative? but you want me to stick to a ridged
through line?’ To a grown up that’s: ‘just DON’T do a Virginia
Woolf OK?’ ”

“You win half the battle with comprehension through practice. Training the brain to
find the appropriate information to answer the question is something which
takes time. Focus is important, they now use a form of comprehension as the
first level of vetting people for MI5, this may give you an inkling as to
the importance of attention to detail. The questions where the marks can be
really hoovered up are the ones which ask for analysis. You have spotted the what, but what about the why and the how? Emotional intelligence and maturity are a big help here.”

“The poem is sometimes overlooked as so much emphasis is placed upon comprehension. Make
sure you are familiar with all the appropriate terminology: metaphors, similes,
syntax, sibilance, alliteration etc. What has the poem made you think and feel,
how has the language generated this response in the reader?”


“Remembering dates is as important as it always has been I’m afraid. The new and arguably
more interesting take on examining history is the importance of the ‘human
element’. Remember these were real people making emotive decisions. Why did
Elizabeth I behead Mary Queen of Scotts? Why were people
scared of witches in the middle ages, but not now? Why could
this source be biased and who has written it?”
Change anything you like, if I have been too wordy feel free to re-do! xx

Good Luck Everyone. C.E with tutor house.

Private A-Level Physical Education (P.E) tuition in London

Welcome to Tutor House, the home of private A Level tuition. We have a number of Physical Education tutors who can tutor all boards. Including OCR, Edexcel and AQA. Tuition focuses on exam techniques and model answers.

Private tuition take place in the students own home. Tutors have a bank of relevant materials, including past P.E exam papers, tailored notes and model answers.

Contact Tutor House for more information.