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Music tuition at tutor house.

August 2, 2012

Hello Everyone,

This is a quick blog to let you know of the large extension of the music branch at tutor house. There are several new and exciting ideas currently in the pipeline to be rolled out this academic year. This includes a series of short videos, a series of master classes, and new music packages.
We are starting with piano techniques such as, arpeggiation, chromaticism, repeated notes, etc. before moving on to elements of music tech such as micing positions for a rock band, acoustic guitars etc. followed by music theory techniques like four part harmony, fugal writing, and other more basic elements. (Depending on popularity there may be many more of these.)

We are also beginning a series of master classes for music, again covering mostly on classical piano, classical theory, and elements of music technology to begin with, before looking at other subjects.
We are introducing some new packages to group certain subjects together for a discount!
There will also be an influx of available tutors in the music department, with extra instrumentalists, music theory tutors, a-level and GCSE tutors and several others. We will be operating throughout London, but mostly in Fulham, Kensington, Notting Hill, Putney, Knightsbridge and Chelsea. All of our tutors have full CRB checks and are individually interviewed by tutor house for your piece of mind.
This year is a very exciting one for everyone here at tutor house especially for the musicians!

What makes a good tutor?

July 24, 2012

What makes ‘a good’ private tutor?

1. CRB and security checks – It’s very important for tutors to be CRB checked. It’s best to hirer a tutor through a company, as they should hold tutors CRB certificates and reference for tutors. Make sure you ask when speaking with the company.

2. Private tutor experience and knowledge – The tutor should ideally have a minimum of two years tutoring experience. Ideally they are teachers from local schools or colleges. A PGCE is preferable but certainly not compulsory, many teachers work for 20 years not having a PGCE but they are fantastic tutors and sometimes are more flexible and understanding than qualified peers.

3. Knowledge of exams and boards- All tutors should have an in-depth knowledge of exam structure, typical questions and key word answers. In addition it’s important that tutors understand the differences between exam boards, often there are big differences. For example A-Level psychology AQA board covered many different topics and is assessed via essay exam questions and short answers, whereas OCR psychology is based on case studies and answers to questions are completely different.

4. Recourses, exam papers and mark schemes – It’s paramount that tutors have sufficient exam past papers, mark schemes and key words and phases that answer questions. An important role that tutors should play, which some schools almost disregard is concentrating on past exam papers. You wouldn’t sit your driving test without any lessons! Same thing applies here, exam papers are so important.

5. Feedback and update on progress- Tutors should ideally give the student feedback once a week and the parents once every other week. This helps to set goals and make sure student complete homework. It also helps to keep parents abreast of what tutors and children are achieving in the lessons.

6. Fun and rapport- This is one of the most important tips. Education can, as we know be boring, tutors must be enthusiastic and really enjoy what they teach! They just gel well with the children and work closely with them. A tutor must be engaging and keen to help.

7. Working with a company – The best advice here is that tutors should really work for a tutoring company. Why? Well for piece of mind really, tutors will have to be CRB checked and you have someone else to talk to in times of trouble. Also the tutoring company that you decided to use should be helpful and provide additional tutoring services. There should be someone else on the end of the phone or email.

8. Exam techniques and study skills – A tutor and indeed a tutoring company should help children with additional study skills and educational support. This can be anything from folder organization and devising a homework diary to helping dyslexic children realize their potential by providing techniques that can really help them use their strengths.

Contact tutor house for the best tutors!

Calling all tutors, join tutor house this year.

July 15, 2012

Dear Tutors,

Tutor house is recruiting for the new academic year. We are a private tutoring company based in Soho, London operating throughout London and the home counties.

Tutor house specialises in A-Level, GCSE and Common Entrance tuition, but also offer dyslexia support, IELTS tuition, UCAS advice and short retake courses, which are full time tuition, Offering a wide range of Subjects including: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Economics, we do of course offer all subjects and all boards.

Tutor house also offers other fantastic opportunities, including working abroad, Christmas and Easthttps://tutorhouse.co.uk/educational-support/homeschooling/er revision courses, residential courses and home schooling.

Keen to know more about how it works? check our How it works page and do not forget to register yourself.

Tutor House: The home of tutoring.

Music tuition in Fulham with tutor house

June 25, 2012

Morning everyone,

This is just a quick blog to let you know about tutor houses’ exiting plans for next academic year. We are set to introduce specialist music courses for GCSE and A Level students as well as individual and group private tuition.

Our team of music tutors will help you with composition, reading music, learning specific songs and well, just enjoying to learn music. Tutor houses’ team of music tutors have many years of experience, they are all CRB registered and have been working with many students throughout London.

Our music tutors operate through London, but specifically they tutor in Fulham, Kensington, Notting Hill, Putney, Knightsbridge and Chelsea.

Watch this space…

Residential tutoring this summer with tutor house

June 18, 2012

Hi again everyone,

Do let us know if you wish to join our summer residential tutoring course(s). They are due to start in a few weeks time, the tuition courses are completely flexible and are tailored to your requirements. Tutors travel to you and work with children on a daily bases, usually for ten days, but tutors can work with children for one day or one month.

Our tutors are fully qualified, CRB checked and have years of experience tutoring.

Contact tutor house for more information on summer residential tuition courses.

Why I love tutoring Psychology at tutor house

June 14, 2012

Hi all,

I wanted to share with you all a little about my experience tutoring over the last five years. I tutor GCSE, A-Level and sometime degree level psychology. I enjoy the whole syllabus, but I do prefer, if i’m honest, to tutor specific topics. I love tutoring relationships, abnormal behavior and developmental psychology. Psychology A Level is so diverse, it’s great to tutor. Students love it as well because it’s interactive, social and discussion based, which is great for tutors and pupils alike. Relationships, as an option in unit 3 Psychology (AQA) is very interesting, it includes adults and child relations but also romantic relationships, including formation, maintenance and dissolution of relationship.  Students really feel that they can discuss with me this psychology topic and they always get a great insight into how the questions are worded and how they should answer them, just because their knowledge is vast and they truly understand the topic.

Often pupils report back to me, informing me that they’ve been having ‘chats’ with other students and they love discussing the topic with each other.

Psychology really is a fantastic, interesting and diverse subject at A-Level and/or GCSE. I love tutoring it, you should love learning it.

Contact tutor house for more information about A-Level Psychology tuition.

See our featured Psychology tutor



Residential courses at tutor house, London

Well with exams coming to a close, it’s holiday and residential tutoring time! This year tutor house is running extensive tutoring programmes throughout the summer holidays. Residential tuition course can run from anything between one week – two months. The courses are design to help students prepare for the new academic year. The tutoring courses include one-one tuition and group (sibling/friends) tutorials, exam revision, dyslexia tutoring and homework preparation. The residential tutoring course is available for all levels, including common entrance, gcse and A level, even pre-u and I.B.

The residential tuition courses can be completely tailored to meet the children’s needs and tutors work around the family and tutee. Usually a day includes 4-6 hours tutoring, but this can also include reading and writing time, poetry and even sports.

Our tutors are fully qualified, CRB checked and have years of experience tutoring, some are ‘legends’ in their field.
Contact tutor house for more information on summer residential tuition courses.

Summer Residential Tuition at Tutor House

May 20, 2012

Good morning all,

Just to give you an update about tutor house’s residential tuition courses this summer. We have tutors flying all over the place this summer. Our specialist common entrance tutor is flying to France for a week tutoring with a family. One of our physical education tutors is working closely with a family based in London over the summer, tutoring GCSE P.E.

Tutor house tutors fly, drive (and cycle) to you. Tutors offer a relaxed approach to tutoring, of course the whole syllabus is covered and past paper questions, answered. Even though the tuition is more ‘chilled out,’ we find this approach great for children to learn.

The majority of the tutor’s day will be spend teaching, however, they can help in many different ways. Some tutors help with interviews for prospective schools and universities, some help with poetry and music.  Put simply, tutor house and our tutors are completely flexible and can help with any type of residential tuition. (Although ironing is ‘frowned upon’)  🙂















So contact tutor house now for more information about our residential tutoring course.



What makes a good teacher?

May 18, 2012

Tutor house team attended a debate by the RSA and Teach First last week exploring what makes a good teacher.  Sir Michael Wilshaw spoke first, regaling tales of two particular teachers who impressed him when he was Head Teacher at Mossbourne Academy.

In essence he concluded that a good teacher at A-Level, GCSE or any other level is someone who is themselves in the classroom and can convey their passion to their students.  If you’re faking it or trying to be someone you’re not in front of a class of teenagers, they’ll see straight through it!

The following two motivating speeches were made by a Headmaster of a new academy and a Teach First ambassador.  I couldn’t help but be rather moved by their passionate stories of teachers who have tackled adversity in the classroom and achieved the seemingly impossible with students.  I felt uplifted and positive that the education system really can be revolutionised, one teacher at a time.

After a sterling round of applause, Matthew Taylor, the Chief Executive of the RSA takes to the lectern.   We must remember, he says, as in every profession with a workforce of over half a million, there will be good teachers and there will be bad teachers.  All we can hope to do is move the curve on the graph so more teachers are good than bad.

My initial reaction to this ‘un-sugared’ reality pill was annoyance!  How dare he bring me back down to earth with such a bump after I’d just been so inspired by the speakers before!  But then reality kicks in after a split second and of course, he is entirely right.  In every sector there are good and bad professionals.

There are good, bad and average lawyers, builders, dentists and bank managers.  The difference is we can choose our lawyer, builder, dentist or bank manager.

So the moral of the story?

You CAN’T choose your teacher but you CAN choose your tutor!

So in a shameless plug, contact tutor house for quality, experienced and fun A-Level, GCSE and Common Entrance tuition!


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