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How to spend the last weeks of the summer holidays

August 20, 2014

How to spend the last weeks of the summer holidays

It’s that time of year again where the end of summer is almost in sight and many of us are starting to acknowledge the prospect of returning back to School. Whilst you may be looking forward to seeing your friends again it can also be daunting to think of all those homework assignments and early mornings you have waiting for you.

However returning back to School does not need to come as such a shock to the system. Whatever year you are going into you can start by looking over your last year’s notes or doing that extra reading assignment your teacher set you. If you have just finished your GCSE’s and you are going to be commencing your A-Levels then why not begin looking at your course syllabus. Remember learning can be a fun and enjoyable exercise depending on the way you approach it. With anything preparation is the key! So why not prepare to go back to School/College?

Applying to UCAS this coming academic year?

Applying to UCAS this coming academic year?

Some of you who will be applying to UCAS this coming year may be absolutely sure on the courses and institutions you would like to apply to. However if you are unsure then you can follow the below pointers to help you make your decision:

–       What subjects do you most enjoy?

–       What aspects of those subjects do you most like?

–       What kind of Industry do you see yourself working in? For example, healthcare or finance?

–       If you are unsure of the Industry you see yourself working in then ask yourself, what kind of person are you? Are you a people-person? Do you naturally like to help people? Are you good with numbers?

–       Do you want to study away from your home City or do you like the idea of studying abroad?

–       What type of institution would you like to study at?

–       How long are you willing to study?

These are just a few guidelines to consider when applying to UCAS. Tutor House’s dedicated advisors offer consultation services.


Which A-Level subjects do I pick?

August 7, 2014

Which A-Level subjects do I pick?

Deciding which A-Levels to pick is often a tricky process. You may have been advised to pick certain A-Levels but you may not be entirely sure if they are the subjects you want to do. If you are clear on what you would like to study at University then you can look at what the entry requirements are for those courses which will help your decision making process. Alternatively, if you are not sure then you may like to choose to study subjects which most interest you. For free advice on which A-Levels to choose, contact Tutor House.

Residential Entrance exam courses 2014

Residential Entrance exam courses 2014

Common Entrance Summer Residential Retreat

Are you looking to prepare your child for the upcoming Common Entrance examinations? Then why not start now and help your child secure the place they deserve by sending them on a Common Entrance preparation retreat.

Key facts:

  • Dates to chose from:

19th – 23rd August

26th – 30th August

  • 50 years of Educational experience
  • Full Board accommodation
  • Maximum 12 children
  • Highly experienced Common Entrance tutors.
  • Combining key exam preparation materials and lessons, with afternoon sport activities and excursions
  • £1099 per week.

The summer retreat will give students the opportunity to get a head start for their common entrance exam preparation set in a beautiful location in Oxford. With anything, preparation is the key.


Confused about Economics?

August 5, 2014

Confused about Economics?

For many students, the concepts and theories in Economics can be difficult to grasp at first. It can be a frustrating experience trying to tackle the subject without the added aid and support offered by a private tutor. Whether you are studying GCSE, A-Level or Pre-U we offer first class private tuition in the subject.

A-Level results day….8 days…

A-Level results day….8 days…

If you’re stuck on what to do next or where to go now, call us. If you didn’t get the results you wanted, don’t worry, call us.

We’re here to help, giving free advice for all students and concerned parents.

You can of course read more by clicking this link…http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/alex-dyer/a-level-results_b_5633775.html

Looking to Improve your English?

Looking to Improve your English?

Do you have a desired grade you would like to achieve for your GCSE or A-Level English? Then why not consider working with a private tutor, focusing on key areas to help you achieve your desired results. Our former students have all benefited from private English tuition with successful results.


A-level results day, contact us for free advice and support

A-level results day, contact us for free advice and support

On the 14th and 15th August 2014 Tutor House is offering free advice for all students and parents.

You can speak to our experts, regarding your results, your University places and offers and private tuition for all subjects and exam boards.


Need a private tutor for this summer, look no further…

July 17, 2014


Need a private tutor for this summer, look no further…

We have a number of tutorial options this summer, we have private tuition throughout London and the U.K, we have summer residential exam entrance courses for 7-13 year olds in Oxford and we have a summer schedule of sport and common entrance exam courses running in London in August.


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