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We all hoped September would never come. But, alas, here it is again, just around the corner! Instead of mourning bygone Summer days, try to see the coming year as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. You might be dreading the inevitable return to school life but we have a few suggestions for how you can hit the ground running and make this new school year the best yet! 

Make a list of your goals for next year

Sitting down and really thinking about what you’re hoping to get out of the coming year is a great way to get your mind in focus. We all know last year was a wacky one, but writing out a list and starting with an official clean slate will help you move past the zoom-class shaped trauma and start achieving what you were held back from last year. Your goals don’t just need to be academic; they can include joining clubs, learning an instrument or trying something completely out of your comfort zone. 

On that note, let go of anything that may be holding you back

It’s all too easy to start the new term weighed down by the struggles you had last term. Maybe you found the unpredictability of last year overwhelming, or just never really got into the swing of things work-wise. We’re here to tell you all that is but a memory. So what if English wasn’t your thing or if you were embarrassed by your French grades last year? That was then. It’s a new term and you get to decide what mindset you’re going to enter it with! 

Prep work  

Few students fantasise about starting on work before the new term has even begun. But a little bit of preparation can go a long way in making the next few weeks that bit less stressful. This can come in various forms, from making a start start on upcoming set texts to going over last year’s notes. Thinking about what you struggled with last year will help you get some anticipatory troubleshooting done before you’re overwhelmed by relentless schoolwork. (Check out our blog on how to have a productive summer for more details on the work side).

Start adjusting your daily routine

After all these weeks off, the sudden return to the school grind will most likely be a bit of a shock to the system. To soften the impact slightly, start setting your morning alarm a bit earlier in the run-up to the new term, and perhaps start devoting part of the day to some light preparatory work (see above). This will give your mind and body a chance to adjust to a new routine and ensure you don’t feel too physically exhausted as a result of the shift.

Make some smart investments

School relies on mindset significantly more than money. But that’s not to say a few smart investments can’t make your life as a student ten times easier. Here are a few we recommend:


As simple as it may sound, having the right stationery can be a surprisingly helpful security blanket. Our increasingly virtual world doesn’t take away from the utility of making physical notes in helping us absorb what we’re learning. If you’re a visual learner, don’t hold back on highlighters, post-its and (what the hell) gel pens. Having the right notebooks, folders and ring binders will also help you neatly categorise your notes right from the beginning of term. Your future self will thank you when revision time rolls around.

Private tuition

Investing in a private tutor will also help you keep on top of things. While reviewing last year’s work, there may be a few areas you have difficulty with that will require a slightly more rigorous approach than rereading the textbook. If this is the case, some last minute private tuition might be just what you need to start feeling confident and serene before September.

Mental health

Given what we’ve collectively been through as a society over the past year and a half, it’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves emotionally. If possible, it’s best to anticipate stresses before they occur so you can keep on top of them. So, with the new term coming up, now is a good time to start thinking about ways of attending to your own individual needs. As a student, you’ll be working hard so maybe book in some yoga classes over the upcoming weekends or invest in a meditation app. And if ‘hashtag self-care’ isn’t so much your thing but you’re an infamous workaholic, just make sure you’re pencilling in some time to occasionally watch films or read books that have absolutely nothing to do with your studies!

Good Luck!

Starting a new school year is always slightly unpredictable but hopefully these tips will help you keep on top of the changes that the next few weeks will bring. With a bit of organisation and prior planning, you’ll be able to relax and feel confident going into your classes. And who knows, you might even start feeling excited to go back to school…!

Still worried about next year?

A private tutor will help calm any anxiety you may have about falling behind. Stay ahead of the curve and invest in a tutor today!

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