Top A-Level and GCSE Physics Resources

March 2, 2021

We’ve found the best online Physics resources for A Level and GCSE students - so you don’t have to. 

1. BBC Bitesize

No list of educational resources would be complete without the BBC Bitesize website. Bitesize breaks Physics down according to what level you’re studying at e.g. GCSE or Highers if you’re studying in Scotland. From there it separates content into smaller topics, so you can easily find the content you want to learn. 

Image from GCSE BBC Bitesize

2. S-Cool

This revision site is definitely up there as one of the best and it’s suitable for both GCSE Physics and A Level Physics students. 

S-cool is super easy to navigate because the content is conveniently divided up. Whether you want to revise the properties of waves or nuclear refraction, S-cool covers it all. 

3. Physics Net

Physics Net has a wealth of knowledge for A Level and GCSE Physicians. The website uses a nice straightforward format, presenting content in lists and small chunks of information that are easy to revise.

It’s also got a really useful glossary of terms, so you can look up words you don’t know the definition for like candela or concave! 

4. Past Papers

One of the best ways to revise is by using past papers to practice. With past exam papers, you get a real feel for the format of questions and you’re able to practice your exam technique and time yourself. 

The main exam boards for Physics A Level and GCSE are OCR, AQA and Pearson (Edexcel). 

Find the links to past papers and assessment resources here: 

Green Chameleon / Unsplash

5. Revisely

Revisely has a huge collection of free resources for all subjects at A Level and GCSE, and their Physics collection is particularly impressive. 

They’ve got hundreds of video tutorials taking you through each topic, revision notes and past papers. It’s an incredibly comprehensive website and will help you revise all areas of Physics to get you from a C to an A grade. 

6. Cowen Physics

Cowen collects resources for students studying Physics at GCSE and A Level, created by qualified secondary school Physics teachers. 

You can also find resources for the Physics International Baccalaureate on the site, as well as prep for the Oxford entrance exam (PAT).  

7. A Level Physics Online

This site - as its name suggests - is tailor made for A Level Physics students. Content is conveniently divided up by exam board and covers AQA, OCR, CIE (Pre-U), Edexcel (Pearson), Eduqas, IB and WJEC. 

The resources on the site don’t only go over content, but will also help you improve your exam technique and your confidence when approaching practical assessments.  

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