Types of Private Tuition

December 8, 2020

Private tuition comes in a number of different forms, from online sessions to full-time homeschooling tuition. Tutors can help students with their academic progression, or can help to boost their recreational skill set, such as perfecting a musical instrument or improving their photography. Tuition is totally customisable, so the list of different tuition experiences is pretty lengthy. However, we’ve summarized some of the key types of tuition below.

Face-to-face tuition

One of the most common forms private tutoring takes in face-to-face tuition. Students who choose to have face-to-face tuition will tend to find that sessions take place in their home with their tutor, but lessons can be arranged at a different location, such as a local library, if necessary. Face-to-face sessions are flexible, can take place as frequently or infrequently as required, and can be tailored to meet student’s precise needs. Tutor House have a tutor for students of every age, level and requirements, so you are sure to find a face-to-face tutor for you.

Online tuition

Online tuition is essentially identical to face-to-face tuition - except it’s online (duh)! This is a great option for international students, boarding school students and students with really hectic schedules - as it is even more flexible than face-to-face tuition.

With an online tutor, students can study from anywhere they choose. Whether you’ve had a long day at school and don’t want to leave the comfort of your own room and your dressing gown, you prefer to learn in a bustling cafe, or the only time you can find is whilst you’re making a long train journey, your online session can take place wherever you want it to!

With online tuition, students aren’t limited by where they or their tutor lives - they can receive sessions from and to anywhere in the world (ah, the wonders of technology). All you’ll need is access to a laptop, ipad or computer and a decent wifi connection (and potentially a good set of headphones and microphone, depending on where you’re receiving your session), then hey presto!

![Woman typing up English notes on a laptop](//images.ctfassets.net/h3m1omgxesqv/1vaaEZIaz7fEl8qRWsimUC/95f803b1689773011791796381b8f321/Woman_typing_up_English_notes_on_a_laptop.jpg)

Moreover, online tuition eliminates the hassle and cost of travel. Travelling can be super time-consuming, regardless of how short the journey, but with an online tutor, your session can always begin on the dot, without any hassle caused by the unpredictability of trains or traffic. Moreover, as your tutor won’t have to pay for their travel - this could result in a reduced cost per session - double win!

As technology continues to advance, the possibilities of online tutoring are becoming increasingly innovative and exciting. Online tuition provides both tutors and students with unprecedented access to materials and resources that it may be harder to access in a one- on-one tutoring session. There are a whole range of online amenities available that could help to bring your online tutor session to life. One example is interactive whiteboards where your tutor can visually expand on and clarify concepts that you may struggle to understand through a more simple, verbal explanation.

Online tuition is also a great option for adult learners, as it provides a flexible alternative to face-to-face tuition that can be used by adults with even the busiest of schedules. Whether you want to learn a new skill, need to brush up on your maths knowledge to secure an important promotion or you simply want to expand your understanding, an online tutor could be the perfect option for you.

Ultimately, your location shouldn’t prevent you from receiving top quality tutoring from the very best tutors. Wherever you are based, there will be an online tutor who is suited perfectly to your needs.


Face-to-face or online private tuition sessions are a great option for students who are in full time education and need some help on the side. However, due to large class sizes and limited resources, more and more parents are opting to take their children out of the traditional ‘schooling’ system and educate them at home. Some parents choose to teach their children themselves, but many opt instead to enlist the help of a homeschooling tutor. This ensures that their children are still receiving a top quality education, without having to adhere to the restrictions of a school day or syllabus.

A homeschooling tutor will be able to work with you and your child in order to devise a personalised syllabus that works for everyone. Students can be homeschooled either full or part time, it is largely up to the school they were/are studying at! For more information on all things homeschooling visit this blog: [https://tutorhouse.co.uk/blog/homeschooling-tutor](https://tutorhouse.co.uk/blog/homeschooling-tutor "tutor house homeschooling blog")

There have been several studies conducted that confirm that homeschooling tuition will improve your child’s chances of academic success. With a homeschooling tutor on board, students can make sure that they’re reaching their full potential, every day.

Residential tuition

![Child homeschooling](//images.ctfassets.net/h3m1omgxesqv/PhGULnD3DrbCYgWPjiOiY/cc81fd4f038f764c06436a134ef114a5/Child_homeschooling.jpg)

Often likened to the historic position of a ‘governess’, residential tutors provide students with academic and personal support whilst, generally, also living with the family they are working for.

Residential tutors can either work and live with families in their homes, or accompany them on their travels all over the world. Whether you’re planning on taking a trip round the globe, are spending the summer overseas or are simply heading to Scotland for a few weeks, a residential tutor will be able to provide you with expert services that will help keep your children on track, eager to learn and motivated. Alongside providing a personalised tuition programme, residential tutors can also organise and supervise other recreational, sporting and creative activities to ensure their students are developing in all areas of their lives. Due to the close proximity, the relationship between tutor and student is even stronger and, with the right tutor, the student can learn valuable lessons well beyond their studies.

Tuition for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

A SEN tutor will be able to work alongside their students to provide them with all the right tools and techniques to improve their approach to study and build their self-confidence. Tutors will be able to identify any areas that a student is finding to be particularly challenging, and work to devise a learning plan that takes into consideration the various elements that can impact a student’s ability to learn, retain information and really excel, inside and outside the classroom. Experienced SEN tutors are also able to utilise specialist teaching techniques that help their students to overcome the challenges of their learning difficulty and reach their full potential.

With Tutor House, students who have SEN can access personalised tuition with a private tutor who is perfectly suited to their unique needs. All our SEN tutors have the empathy, passion and experience working with SEN students needed to ensure a tuition experience of the highest quality.

Oxbridge tuition

![oxford accomodation](//images.ctfassets.net/h3m1omgxesqv/2swhJHBZFkIxUEeYgjW0Fy/cd136f059af272913ac93d166652fa10/oxford_accomodation.jpg)

If a student is hoping to attend Oxbridge, then they might feel under added pressure when it comes to their revision, exams, and University application. Therefore it is common to need a little extra help, support and guidance. An Oxbridge tutor is the perfect person for the job!

A specialist Oxbridge tutor will be able to provide unrivalled expertise when it comes to how to best prepare for the Oxbridge application process, from start to finish. They will usually have attended either Oxford or Cambridge themselves, some of our tutors are even former Oxbridge professors, so will have a personal experience to draw from and be able to offer a unique level of support and guidance. They will be able to help you prepare for your exams, write the perfect personal statement and practice your interviewing technique with you. Don’t miss out on that all important University spot and hire an Oxbridge tutor today (link).

Tuition for every age and level  

Private tutors can assist students at every single stage of their academic journey, from primary right through to degree level and beyond.

Primary tutor:

The primary stages of a student’s education are vital and formative in a student’s developmental process. At this early stage, students will gain a foundation of knowledge, cultivate key skills and start to identify where their interests lie. At this critical point in their academic journey, it is imperative that students are receiving the one to one attention that they need, ensuring they are fostering all the fundamental skills and understanding they will require to succeed going forward.

A primary tutor can ensure that students are developing understanding in all the right areas. English and Maths proficiency are particularly important at this stage and with a Maths tutor or English tutor, students can ensure they have all the skills pinned down so as to excel going forward.

GCSE Tutor


As the first set of major exams any students will take, GCSEs can cause a lot of stress and leave students feeling pretty overwhelmed. This can result in a dip in motivation, grades and self-confidence. At this level, students are not only required to study several subjects at the same time, but they will also likely be juggling an increasingly busy social life and extracurricular activities, alongside having to dedicate considerable time to their studies. They will need to begin to learn far more independently, and experience a considerable increase in both the difficulty and quantity of their workload.

The best way for students to stay positive, motivated and on track at this potentially challenging time is to hire a private tutor. A GCSE tutor will be able to significantly reduce a students anxieties through providing tailored tuition aimed at addressing their unique needs. Aggravated with Algebra? Hire a Maths tutor and become a whiz in no time. Struggling with Shakespeare? An expert English tutor will be able to help build your confidence and hone your skills so you ace your exams.

A GCSE tutor will also be able to prepare students for the next stage of study, and help make the transition from GCSE to A-Level far less stressful.

A-Level tutor

A-Levels, and their equivalent qualifications, are a big step up from GCSE and are a super important qualification, especially as they are the main factor in determining if a student will get into the University of their choice. Even for those students not planning to attend Uni, A-Levels will considerably impact employment prospects, so it is equally as important that they get the best grades possible. Although students study fewer subjects than at GCSE, at this level, they have a far more complex and in-depth syllabus, and students will be expected to demonstrate a more comprehensive understanding of their topics.

A-Level tutors are masters at helping students to navigate this vital time in their academic career. A private tutor will  work closely alongside their students, helping them to strengthen their subject knowledge, exam technique and essay writing abilities. They will also work tirelessly to ensure students are developing important personal skills, such as communication, analytical skills, time management and organisation - all of which will help them to appeal to Universities, and excel in job interviews.

Moreover, an A-Level tutor will help students to prepare for their University experience - a change that can feel turbulent and difficult to navigate. They will ensure students have developed the necessary independent study skills and help them to adjust to a ‘University’ style of learning through delivering sessions in a similar style.

University tutor

![When is the right time to start thinking about University? ](//images.ctfassets.net/h3m1omgxesqv/4NinGQE6sRiV1jsTefV9ZH/929878af36623c038fa9873b47450f6e/graduation_day.jpg)

Degree level study is incredibly challenging. Students will not only need to take on a significantly increased workload, but will also be adapting to a new environment, city and learning style. No matter what a student’s needs may be, where their strengths and weaknesses lie and what their goals are, a private tutor can make all the difference at this pivotal stage of study.

A University tutor will be able to ease students into the transition from school/college to degree level study, providing a much needed support system in addition to expert academic guidance. It is not uncommon for University students to struggle - whether they are finding lectures difficult, they don’t feel like they have enough contact time to keep them motivated or they’re finding it challenging to balance work and play.

A University tutor will be able to help students manage their time, boost their independence and ensure they’ve mastered their essay and exam technique to maximise their chances of success. No matter what subject you’re studying, a private tutor is a smart investment and could make all the difference. With so much on the line in terms of future careers, it is vital that students achieve the best results possible in their degree. With a private tutor, students can unlock their full potential and achieve the grade they deserve.

Tutor for adult learners  

From fostering a new skill to boosting their chances of promotion, adult learners decide to take up studies for a range of different reasons. However, studying anything as an adult can be taxing and, for many, achieving a qualification can seem like a long and tedious upward climb.

A private tutor is one of the best ways to help adult learners really excel, whatever their goals are. A tutor will be able to provide sessions at a time that works for you, meaning that even those with the busiest of schedules can access important tuition whenever they need it. Whether you need help boosting your confidence, need advice on how to best prepare for exams or want to master a foreign language, an adult tutor could transform your learning experience and really help you rediscover your love for learning. Don’t miss out and hire a Tutor House tutor, today! [Sign up here. ](https://tutorhouse.co.uk/register-role)

Alex Dyer

Alex is the founder and director of Tutor House and has a degree in Psychology. He has worked in the educational industry for 14 years; teaching Psychology for 8 years at a school in London. He now runs Tutor House, after setting it up in 2012. Alex still tutors every week, he writes for the Huffington Post and has appeared on the BBC and ITV to discuss educational topics. Alex is an educational consultant and UCAS expert, he’s worked with hundreds of students over the years. He’s obsessed with squash, but is distinctly average.

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