What are the Benefits of Private Tuition?


We may be a little bit biased when it comes to private tuition, but when it comes to the advantages, it’s hard to argue with the facts. Keep reading as we summarise the key benefits of learning with a private tutor!

Our brains were made for 1:1 learning

For many people when they think of education they picture the classic set up; around 20-30 students to 1 teacher. However, our brains work best when provided with personalised teaching. With the latest scientific advancements, we now have a better understanding of how our brains work. Neurological studies have found that full understanding and retention of facts are grasped far more efficiently and effectively when taught in a way that responds to the individual needs of the student. 

Traditional schooling is, for the most part, unable to provide each and every student with a tailored learning experience. This is where private tuition can step in and offer what the public school system cannot.

Tailored learning experience

With a tailored learning experience you can finally concentrate on the areas you struggle with most, and overcome any difficulties you have voicing your concerns or issues in the classroom. Whatever your subject or level, an experienced private tutor will get to understand your problem areas and help you gain confidence in your subject knowledge. 

With a private tutor, you get to focus on your end goal. You can discuss with a tutor your ultimate aims for your progress and plan out sessions accordingly. Students who have worked with private tutors often end up achieving results above and beyond their goals, achieving places at top-ranking universities and scoring above the national average in their exams. 

There are hundreds of subjects and levels to choose from

Private tuition isn’t just reserved for the more ‘academic’ subjects. At Tutor House, there are hundreds of subjects and various levels within each subject to choose from. Whether you are thinking about taking up another language in your spare time or have always wanted to learn how to play the piano, our private tutors can help you exercise your creativity and help you excel academically. 

It’s flexible

With in-person and online tutoring options you can take private lessons whenever and wherever you like. Choosing to learn online means you have the added bonus of connecting with top tutors from across the UK, giving you even more choice when it comes to finding a private tutor.

Private tuition doesn’t have to be a daily thing. With a private tutor, you can book regular lessons weekly at times that fit around your busy schedule. For those who need that extra support with their studies, there is always the option of investing in homeschooling tutors who are experienced in supporting students throughout the school year.

It won’t break the bank

There is a common misconception around private tuition that leads people to believe that it’s an expensive luxury. At Tutor House, we try to offer top quality tuition at affordable prices. We want everybody to have access to personalised education, that’s why our tutor prices start from as little as £20/hr. 

It really works

From our own experience, we know that private tuition works! Many of our past students have gone on to achieve grades up to 3 times higher from working with a tutor. We have helped hundreds of students achieve places at their dream universities, helped them ace their common entrance exams and pass the 11+ with flying colours. 

Whether you are struggling with the workload expected from your degree, can’t cope with the thought of preparing for your GCSE’s or are looking for a tutor to help your child through the primary years of their education, Tutor House is here to help. 

Contact a member of our team for more information or book a free online trial with a tutor of your choice today!

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