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Pre-U December revision course

With Pre-U exams only a term away and more work to prepare for than most A-Levels, Tutor House is encouraging Pre-U students to sign up to our in-house Christmas holiday revision courses.

We are offering four intense study revision course sessions from Dec 18th-21st, totally 10 hours, which will incorporate exam technique, content support and revision methods that actually work. (If you can’t do Christmas, we also run Easter revision courses for Pre-U subjects)

Who we work with:

At Tutor House, we understand the struggle to find tutors that have taught the complex Pre-U structure before; however, all of our course tutors are proficient in the board’s content and practice. In fact, all of our specialist tutors are degree-educated, DBS-check and as passionate about education as we are. We meet and interview all our tutors personally to ensure we are working with quality educators that are knowledgeable about their subject.

What we offer:

Our Pre-U revision courses are designed with the student’s success in mind, and over the four-days, we will work to maximise academic potential. This includes revising:

Exam content
Exam practice papers and model answers
Revision techniques and methods

Our courses are run  by highly qualified teachers and tutors, who know the syllabus inside out.

Our revision courses are only for small groups, which is why we welcome a minimum of two, and maximum of five students per group.

Please note, the course will only go ahead if the minimum student number is met. If you have signed up and the course doesn’t go ahead, we will offer a reduced-rate one-on-one Pre-U course instead.

The course is £500 and will take place from December 18th-21st from 3.30-6pm.

Get in touch:

If you’re interested in joining our Pre-U revision course, please call 020 7612 8297 or email with your required subjects.