Booking and paying for lessons with Tutor House

How do I pay for the lesson?

booking and paying for private tuition has never been easier! As a customer, you’ll need to add your credit or debt card details to your profile after you sign in. You can pay the tutor directly and securely through the Tutor House website. However, if you do pay outside of the Tutor House site, you will not be protected by our 48 hour Cancelation Policy, nor our Disputes or Refunds Policy, we also do not guarantee that you’ll be protected from fraud.

You will then receive a confirmation email notifying you of the hours completed with the tutor. The email will also confirm the date and time that the lesson(s) took place. Payment will be automatically processed by Tutor House’s Payment Service Provider (PSP).

We do not charge you a joining fee or an administration fee, instead we allow you to interact with your chosen tutor directly. You pay the tutor online using a debit or credit card, with your booking being secure and private.

Our tutors get paid on the same day of the lesson, so please make sure that you’ve confirmed the lesson before your tutor arrives.

You can read more here about how to book lessons with Tutor House here.

Is the site secure then, if I leave my card details?

Of course! We use Stripe as our third party payment platform. Stripe are PCI compliant, so you’re protected from fraud, and can we issued refunds without any cost to you. (But only if you pay through the website, please see our terms)

let us help you get started, booking and paying for private tuition