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Does Your Child Need A Tutor?

All parents want their children to have the best possible education, help them achieve their desired grades, ensure they are able to continue their studies and realise their goals after they leave school.

While some parents take it upon themselves to impose timetables and rules to ensure their child studies productively, many choose to instead employ the services of a professional private tutor.

Hiring a private tutor can be an extremely effective way of helping students to fulfil their academic potential, surpass expectations and secure them a place at top universities and colleges.

Employing the services of a private tutor has become an increasingly popular option in recent years. Whether your child is doing well at school but needs an extra push come exam time, or they are struggling and need a tailored learning plan and 1:1 attention, a private tutor could be the solution.

If you are contemplating hiring a private tutor, here are some of the questions you might want to ask yourself, and your child:

Are they struggling with a particular subject or topic?

Even though a child is doing well overall, there may be a particular subject, or topic within that subject they can’t quite get their head around. If this is the case, hiring a tutor gives them dedicated time with an expert to help them comprehend the subject or topic and overcome the challenges associated with it.

Do they need help revising for exams?

Many students feel the pressure come exam time and are desperate to achieve the grades they know they can. Concentrating on revision and creating a revision schedule that works when left to their own devices can be tough. A private tutor can not only ensure that study time is used effectively, but can also devise a tailored revision schedule that will ensure they dedicate the right amount of time to each topic and develop strategies depending on their learning style to optimise their revision time.

Do they need a particular grade for university?

It may be that your child had their heart set on a particular university or particular course. If this is the case, giving them the best chance of achieving the grades that university requires is crucial. Every private tutor has specialist knowledge in particular subject areas, so you can pick the tutor that can help your child get the exam results they need.

Are their grades lower than expected?

If teachers are always telling you that your child has the academic potential yet always seems to fall short come exam time, a private tutor can help. They can teach the student exam techniques, help with practice papers, and work with them to understand why they aren’t achieving their expected grades.

Do they feel as though they are behind?

Do you feel as though your child’s confidence is slipping? If they feel as though they are falling behind in class this can quickly become overwhelming and turn into a vicious cycle where they never feel as though they are able to catch up and therefore become more and more disheartened and/or disinterested in that particular subject.

Hiring a private tutor can help identify gaps in a student’s knowledge, and spend time focusing on very particular parts of a subject where they haven’t fully understood the concepts or learning. A private tutor will help your child regain confidence both in their subject(s) and in themselves, whilst also deepening their understanding in the subject matter.

Do they need to learn exam techniques?

It might be that your child, while demonstrating knowledge and understanding in the classroom, falls apart under the pressure of exams. A private tutor can work with them to develop their exam technique, as well as teach them how to manage stress and stay calm and confident under pressure. This way they’ll go into their exam feeling fully prepared and ready to tackle it head on.

Do they struggle to be taught in a group situation?

Does your child get distracted easily? Are they too scared to speak up when they don’t understand something? Do they complain that other disruptive children in the classroom make it impossible to learn? If your child finds it difficult to concentrate when learning in a group environment, the 1:1 attention they benefit from with a private tutor can make all the difference.

Do they lack passion and motivation?

If you child lacks the motivation to study, a private tutor can provide the structure and learning environment they need. Private tutors will not only improve your child’s confidence, they teach that taking responsibility for one’s own learning is essential, that good organisation is key, and that developing a passion and enthusiasm for learning will make it much more enjoyable. These are all valuable skills to take with them to university and beyond.

If you aren’t sure whether your child could benefit from a private tutor, asking yourself the above question can help determine the answer.  Tutors can work at a pace that’s right for your child, give 1:1 attention, understand how they learn and therefore the optimum way to explain difficult topics to them, work with them through specific learning obstacles,  create tailored learning programmes, and teach them useful study and exam techniques.

If you are looking for some additional help for your child in a specific subject, want to provide additional help for them when they are revising for those all-important exams, or simply think it would be useful for them to have some extra tuition outside the classroom, then hiring a private tutor could be an excellent choice. Our friendly team are on hand to help, so why not contact Tutor House today to discuss your child’s requirements?