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Education is changing, hopefully

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with something original.

To be honest I’m using this as a title, when it should be a quote, a quote from Sir Ken Robinson.

A lot of people in education are right (and wrong) about points, fact and ideas, but none more so than him. You can easily, and rightly, I would say, argue that the Schooling system in Britain today reinforces ‘wrong.’ What I mean by that is children are being funneled and molded into ‘exam machines.’ Exams are right you are wrong, is the attitude for success. The winner is education. The way it’s structured today is for the bright ones, not the ones who work hard, not the creative types, not the children who can paint, draw, act, play sport or dance. No, it’s the ones who can be ‘right’ and pass all their exams. Success is based only on academia, pass your exams, pass your degree and gain a fantastic job. Although this isn’t as set in stone as it once was.

This is and will only lead to academic inflation. A degree is not enough now. No, now to get a top job you need a MA, whereas you needed a BA or Bsc. In fact three A’s at A-Level is not enough, nor are 5 A’s at GCSE. And this type of testing starts much earlier, take 7+, 11+ and 13+ examinations for independent Schools throughout the country. The pressure is well and truly on. This is academic conformity at it’s highest and it starts at a very young age, 5 years old maybe.
So from a young age a child’s ability to express themselves, be creative and open about things is downtrodden. Exams are key, nothing else is important, children, students and even teachers are adhering to the pressure of exams, and as such these exam machines are being produced.

Another area of concern is the identification of Educational Needs, including ADHD, ADD and Dyslexia. More and more children are diagnosed each year. This is not a problem and in fact makes sense. There are more qualified psychologists and better ways to identify people with S.E.N’s. The problem is that there are not enough teachers and tutors to cope with this demand. We’ve seen a huge surge in parent’s enquiring who have children with dyslexia and other educational needs. Usually their School does not providing them with the support that they require. They are not getting extra support, or being given ideas and techniques on how to improve, for example, memory, note taking or revision skills. Again this ‘type’ of student is left behind in the exam race, if you don’t grasp the idea of exams and diagnostic testing you’re doomed.

What’s the point of this article? Well it’s to encourage young people not to give up hope, just because you can’t jump through the exam hoops, doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. Private tuition is a personal, individual and tailored alternative or addition to standard Schooling.

On another note Tutor House wants to hear from students, parents and teachers who can give examples of success