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Educational Support

In addition to providing tutors for A-Levels and GCSE, we also offer educational support for Dyslexia, UCAS and University applications and homeschooling.

Dyslexia Support and Dyslexia Tutors

Dyslexia tutors at Tutor House provide exceptional one-to-one support, they work closely to meet the requirements of the individual and help them to overcome problems areas. Typically these areas for a dyslexic child can include time management, organisation skills, attentional difficulties and poor reading speed.

University and UCAS Support

The university application process is one of the most important that a student will face in their academic career. Our tutors provide you with a complete guide to university applications including reviewing personal statements, advising on course choices and your university selection.

Personal Statement Support

Writing the perfect personal statement is the key to getting into the perfect university. It can seem like an intimidating and very significant step, but anyone can write a fantastic personal statement for the best chance of admission.

Tutoring for International Students

For families recently moved to the UK, the educational system can seem complicated and daunting. Our international tutors offer support and advice to international students at any stage of their academic career.

SEN Student Support

Discovering the best way for a student to learn is one of the biggest challenges in modern education. We offer a study skills programme which is designed to equip students with all the techniques and skills they need to study and revise effectively.

School Placements and Consultancy

With over 60 years experience in Education, Schools and Careers Consultancy Tutor House is at the peak of the education industry. We advise parents and families around the world for Independent and Grammar schools entry in the UK.