Find an education consultant with Tutor House

At Tutor House, we have an expert team of professionals that will be able to work with your family as an education consultant. We often have families asking for advice on a number of issues they are experiencing with their education, mainly students struggling with confidence or with school life.

An education consultant from Tutor House doesn’t only work with families, but with schools, students and exam boards as educational consultants on all matters revolving academia.

Why do I need an education consultant?

Often times, families approach us for education consultation when there is an issue arising in a student’s education. Some of the time, the family will know exactly what this is – for example, if a student is getting bullied at school, and they want to decide whether they are able to home school their child – they come to us.

Other times, the family may not know why the child is struggling academically; in which case, we would do an educational assessment to decipher the problem. Often we flag answers the family hadn’t considered, such as Dyslexia or other SEN needs.

What’s the process?

Our process is simple. We start by inviting you into our central London offices for an initial consultation. However, if you prefer, our senior team can come to you. We then sit down with your family and discuss how we can help.

We also sit down and chat to the student independently before leaving to write a feedback report. Soon after, we send the report to you and, depending on the outcome, you decide whether we will be able to support you further.

Whatever the decision, we are always here to support you and offer further education consultancy in future.

For more information on how we can help you through education consultancy, please call Tutor House on 0203 9500 320 or email