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No two people with dyslexia are alike, and there are various ways in which it can affect learning.

The pressure of studying at any level can cause anxiety and lower confidence. Dyslexia can certainly accentuate this if it is not addressed properly. Tutor House provides the right tools and support, making it possible for students with dyslexia to learn techniques to improve their study skills and find Dyslexia Tutors in London.

TutorHouse Dyslexia TutorsAs a result, they learn more effectively and in a way that suits them for A-Level tuition, GCSE tuition or any other level of study, including pre-university qualifications.

Specialist tutors & how our support works

One-on-one tuition can be an invaluable tool for a dyslexic student to fully grasp their school work. It also gives the student space to assimilate what they learn with the support of a subject tutor to guide them:

  • Tutor House has designed specialist study skill sessions to help students learn new ways to breakdown information into manageable chunks and present it in ways that help them learn successfully.
  • Students are taught memory techniques to improve recall and are assisted in improving their organisational skills.
  • These sessions can be run alongside and incorporated with any other tuition that the student may require.

Tutors at Tutor House provide exceptional private tutoring. They work closely to meet the requirements of the individual children and help them overcome problems areas.

Typically, these areas for a dyslexic child can include time management, organisation skills, attentional difficulties and poor reading speed.

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What can tutors do to help children with dyslexia?

Tutors can provide invaluable help for children, building their confidence and motivating them to learn.

Alternatively, you can always use the search bar on the homepage to find one.

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