We specialise in homeschooling, revision courses and short retakes for GCSE, A-level and Pre-U subjects.

Every other tutor that joins Tutor House has taught in a school, they are professional and highly experienced. Now these tutors, are part of our growing team, and they are ready to help you. We’ve worked with many homeschooled children and students over the years, some with anxiety disorders, some with learning difficulties, some who’ve been excluded from school and those who are struggling to keen up with their classmates. We don’t mind what the reason is, we just want to help you achieve your academic potential, improve your confidence and give you the chance to succeed.


Benefits of homeschooling and revision courses with Tutor House: inhouse_learning.jpg

Flexibility: students can choose their hours, instead of studying for a solid 9 hours a day, they can balance their day effectively. Giving them enough time to self study and enjoy their free time.

One-to-one Tutoring: our tutors are able to engage with our students one-to-one, allowing them to understand their strengths and weaknesses and their learning techniques. The tutor and the student can then work on their weaknesses as a team, at their own pace.

Accommodating Special Requirements: we teach many students who have physical and psychological disabilities such as social anxiety and ME, which disrupted their educational and social lives. Homeschooling has allowed them to balance both their health and school work at their convenience.

Socialising: we have many on going lessons happening in our classrooms, allowing students to socialise and build friendships with similar students they can relate to, something they wouldn’t necessarily get if they were at school everyday.

Independence: all our students love travelling into our central london office, giving them the sense of independence and maturity they wouldn’t get to experience if they were at school everyday.

Weekly Exam Practice: students undertake a weekly test to monitor their progress. Tutors then give students invaluable feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

Say Goodbye to the School Run: you no longer have to fit your family life around the inconvenience of an academic timetable.  You finally have the flexibility to choose when you start and finish.

Time to enjoy life: A lot of our students who are homeschooled gain work experience with part time jobs and enjoy other activities they wouldn’t have had the chance to experience when they were bound to typical school hours.

Extra Curricular: we have loads of extra curricular activities including mindfulness, yoga and arts/ music lessons

Cost: Tutor House treats everyone has an individual so please contact us to find out the exact cost – info@tutorhouse.co.uk.