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School placements and consultancy

Our aim is to give parents, children, and schools the best advice possible, to work closely with families that require educational advice so that they can make sure their children’s academic potential is achieved. We provide families with advice, support and tutoring to make sure that children achieve the school placement that they are capable of. We ensure that the correct schools are chosen, and the best private tutors in London are recruited.

With more than 20 years’ experience in education, schools and careers consultancy – Tutor House is at the peak of the education industry.

We advise parents and families around the world for independent and grammar school entry in the UK. In addition, we can provide support for international schools. Tutor House works closely with families; children undergo an academic assessment, and our tailored report gives detailed advice for parents on which schools they should apply to.

Advice for International Students

We can offer support and advice to international students at any stage of their academic career, whether they are new to the British educational system or have been in the UK for some time and are looking for advice about taking the next step in regards to school placements.

It can be daunting to be begin an application for a UK school, but with Tutor House’s help, we will work with you to provide a recommended list of schools based on your abilities, needs and interests. We work flexibly to you and will work to provide a character assessment to match you with the best schools. School placement shouldn’t be taken lightly, and with our expert knowledge of the UK schooling system, we can work to make your school placement as seamless as possible.

Academic Assessments

Tutor House offers academic assessments for all children, of all ages and abilities. The assessment includes mathematics and English questions, as well as verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

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