GCSE and IGCE English Tuition in London

“Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree.”
-Ezra Pound

Tutor House provides professional tutors with years of experience, who are experts in the subjects they teach. Our friendly tutors make sure that they provide comprehensive, thorough and interesting GCSE and IGCE English Tuition that will engage and motivate students, and help them to gain their desired results.

GCSE and IGCE English develops essential reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. English helps students formulate critical thought processes and perceptions that will aid in various career sectors.

Through studying GCSE and IGCE English, students will master the art of communication through insightful thinking and thoughtful response on a wide array of literary matter. 

Breakdown of the core English GCSE and IGCE content:

The main areas covered in an English GCSE are:

  • Reading Unseen Literature
  • Exploring Creative Writing And Non-Exam Spoken English Assessment
  • Reading Non-Fiction Viewpoints And Perspectives
  • Reading Non-Fiction Viewpoints And Perspectives II
  • Presenting Written Viewpoints

Why is it worth studying GCSE and IGCE English?

Studying English GCSE will establish an appreciation for the written word. That being said, often English GCSE students will pursue English Literature studies, either at GCSE or A-level. Studying English also opens doors to many career paths beyond writing, including business, law and psychology.

Benefits of studying English GCSE & iGCSE

Studying GCSE English is in fact a requirement of many careers and higher education courses. The reason is that the importance of one’s ability to express themselves is highly weighted. Ultimately, being able to connect what we read with the ability to effectively communicate is foundational in all levels of study. Therefore, studying English at GCSE gives students a monumental basis for further study at A-Level and degree level, and opens up a huge number of doors in a variety of sectors.