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What are the ACTs?

ACTs are a mandatory aspect of all high schools’ curriculum in order for students to continue on to college. Taking the ACTs helps colleges identify valuable prospective students they would like to accept into their programs. Therefore, earning top marks on your ACTs can compensate for your GPA, ultimately making your likeliness of acceptances to colleges much greater.

In the US, you need to write either the ACTs or the SATs to be able to go on to college. Often times, you can choose which exam you prefer to write based on your personal strengths. Students can self-assess by writing the practice exams (PACTs and PSATs) provided by high schools. They are encouraged to try both exams in order to determine their best option.

When are the ACT’s?

The PACTs (practice exams) are written during students’ junior year. The official ACTs begin as early as the summer before senior year and continue on into November.

Students may write the exams as many times as needed to attain grades up to their satisfaction. However, they must pay roughly $60USD each time they do so.

What components are involved in ACT’s?

The ACTs are composed of English, Math, Reading, Science Reasoning and an optional essay. The exam lasts around 3 hours, with breaks included.

Students will go through 4 passages in the Reading component. The Science component assesses a student’s critical thinking ability. The Math component covers Arithmetic, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Probability & Statistics.

Students will be scored on a scale from 1-36.

Where can you sit the ACT’s?

Public and private high schools commonly host the ACTs, but students from many different areas can write them in the same school location.

How are ACTs different from SATs?

The ACTs are scaled differently than the SATs. It also doesn’t matter which of the two you take– whichever one you feel more comfortable with is up to you.

There are also SAT subject tests that can exempt you from having to take certain courses in college. Receiving a high mark on these subject-specific SATs will not only boost your application, but replace the course you would have otherwise had to take in college. This is a primary benefit of the SATs.