Fancy getting paid £30 an hour to tutor kids whilst playing video games?


We’ve launched a brand-new service where children can be tutored whilst playing action video games, and we’re looking for tutors who game to deliver this service!

You’ll be paid either £40 or £30 an hour to teach maths, English and languages, whilst playing the child’s favourite game, which could be Apex Legends, FIFA, Fortnite, Call of Duty or League of Legends. However, the child/parent decides on the game.


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Learning material should be discussed whilst you play, followed by regular breaks where educational material is completed. You can either teach remotely or in person, it’s up to you and the parents. In person gaming tuition will cost £40 an hour, and remote gaming tuition £30 an hour.  

You’ll need to have access to your own console and the preferred game once hired by the parent.

If you’re interested, sign up below stating qualifications and your gaming ability, what subjects you teach and what games and consoles you can play and have access to.

You might be wondering why we’ve launched such a service. Well, recent research shows that expert gamers had ‘more brain activity associated with attention than non-experts’, and that one hour of video gaming can increase the brain’s ability to focus through an improvement in visual selective attention*.

Other research shows that 12 to 15 year old’s consumption of video games has increased from 10.7 hours a week on average in 2013, to 12.2 hours a week in 2017**.

After discovering this, we decided to create a service that takes advantage of the time children spend playing action video games as well as its ability to increase their visual selective attention.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us.

People wanting to hire a ‘gaming’ tutor can do so here


Alex Dyer, founder of Tutor House said,

“There are loads of children who cannot concentrate in usual teaching environments, however that is normally the only option they’re given. We should always be thinking of new ways to make learning more enjoyable for children and, as kids spend a lot of their free time on video games now, it seemed like a great idea to combine the two.

“We’re hoping that by offering children a ‘gaming’ tutor, it’ll get them more excited for learning and help their brains function more efficiently, like how this new research suggests. I’m looking forward to seeing what the outcome is!”


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*Neuro Science News 

*Time spent gaming among children in the UK