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GCSE and iGCSE Biology Tuition in London

Nature is anything but simple.

-Richard Preston

Tutor House provides Tutors to help students with a variety of needs such as exam preparation, general study, or encouraging them to tackle and overcome specific areas in a subject that they are struggling with. Our Tutors are all experienced professionals who will discuss with students how best they work, and create unique, tailored and engaging teaching programmes which get results and leave students feeling confident happy and excited about their subjects.  

GCSE Biology is the study of living organisms, how they are structured, their life cycles and the environment in which they reside. Biology is a science, one which explains the world in which we live and the impact that the human race has upon it. Biology is derived from the Greek words ‘Bios’ and ‘Logos’, meaning life and thinking.

Breakdown of the core Biology GCSE

The key modules: in undertaking a Biology GCSE are:

  • Keeping healthy
  • Nerves and hormones
  • The use and abuse of drugs
  • Interdependence and adaptation
  • Energy and biomass in food chains
  • Waste materials from plants and animals
  • Genetic variation and its control
  • Evolution
  • Cells and simple cell transport
  • Tissues, organs and organ systems
  • Photosynthesis
  • Organisms and their environment
  • Proteins – their functions and uses
  • Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
  • Cell division and inheritance
  • Speciation
  • Movement of molecules in and out of cells
  • Transport systems in plants and animals
  • Homeostasis
  • Humans and their environment

Benefits of studying Biology GCSE & iGCSE

Biology is an important subject to take if you intend to go on to study A-Level Biology, and if you want a career in Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Sciences. Biology teaches students a great deal about how the body works, helps them to understand the world around them from a scientific perspective and is fantastic build up research, problem solving, organisation and analytical skills.

Why is it worth studying Biology GCSE & iGCSE?

Biology is a diverse and varied subject that looks impressive on students CV’s, and can be helpful in terms of opening doors to a wide range of careers. GCSE Biology provides a fantastic base to go on to further study, investigating the subject more intensely at A-Level and degree level.  Studying Biology requires students to understand and employ various technical skills and includes the use of specialist machines and the employment of unique and exciting research techniques. Experimentation, practical work, teamwork, and independent study are all required as part of the course therefore developing multiple skillets which can be applied to a variety of workplace roles.

If students choose to study Biology at A-level and degree level there are a huge number of careers they can go on to do. Biology is a requirement for many science-related positions, however the study of Biology GCSE won’t close any doors as the problem solving, teamwork, communication and organisation skills required to gain this qualification are desirable in almost all employment positions.

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