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GCSE and iGCSE Business Studies Tuition in London

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

-Winston Churchill

At Tutor House we believe that a fantastic education should be available to all children. Our friendly, expert Business Studies Tutors employ a combined approach which involves carefully helping students to learn at their own pace, while also focusing on exam technique and using practice exam papers. We believe that all children can be encouraged and inspired to apply themselves to learning, and achieve great results.

It’s never too early to dream about setting up your own business. Can you see yourself becoming the next successful young entrepreneur? GCSE/ iGCSE Business studies cover a wide range of topics in relation to small businesses to business organisations/ corporations. Students also get the chance to explore and understand finances and marketing techniques.

Breakdown of the core GCSE Business Studies modules:

Business studies equips students with knowledge and insight into running a business, covering topics such as setting up a business, managing a business, managing money, how to advertise your business and employing staff.

GCSE/ iGCSE Business Studies involves a 5-8 hours research based controlled assessment. Business Studies units include:

  • Unit 1- Starting a Small Business Examination
  • Unit 2- Growing as a Business Examination
  • Unit 3- Investigating Business Control Assessment

What are the Benefits of a Business GCSE/iGCSE?

Business Studies GCSE/ iGCSE is an extremely useful subject for students to learn at GCSE level. It arms students with a wide range of transferable skills including communication, team-work, analytical and problem solving, creative thinking, time management, independent working, decision making and many, many more.

Why is it worth studying GCSE/ iGCSE Business Studies?

A Business Studies qualification looks impressive on any CV. Learning how to come up with inventive ideas, think creatively and work both independently and in a team are great attributes to have, and ones that most employers will love. Studying Business at GCSE level gives students a great base to go on to learn more about how business works if they chose to study it at A-Level or in higher education.

GCSE business studies students can go on to study at A-Level and eventually at university. Skills gained when studying a Business/ Business Management degree allows students to build commercial awareness and a good degree can open many doors to a fantastic range of job opportunities, here are just a few:

  • Operational researcher
  • Management consultant
  • Chartered management accountant
  • HR officer
  • Logistics and distribution manager
  • PR and Marketing
  • Franchiser
  • Start up your own business


Other subjects covered

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