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GCSE and iGCSE English Language Tuition in London

The English Language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination. It is the property of the language itself.

– Derek Walcott

At Tutor House, we provide experienced and knowledgeable tutors to help students with their GCSE & iGCSE English Language study.

We pride ourselves on hiring only the best, most experienced tutors to work with. Ones who will put your child at ease, and come up with an engaging and personalised study programme that is varied and fun. Ones which help students effectively learn and understand their course material, prepare for the exam, and feel confident and happy about their subject while learning effectively at their own pace.  

Studying English Language at GCSE or iGCSE  is one of the mandatory subjects all students must take at GCSE level. English Language GCSE and iGCSE covers a range of aspects examining the English Language, through writing, speaking and listening. Students are required to critique texts, develop their own writing skills and come up with fresh, innovative ideas in relation to the course texts that they study.

Breakdown of the core English GCSE modules:

Part of the English GCSE module is understanding spoken and written texts and writing critically, where students must study and critique an extended text, focusing on one particular genre be it a collection of poems, short stories or a non-fiction text.


Producing creative texts (creative writing) – here students must select two topics from the unit to write about creatively, under controlled conditions.

Spoken Language Study – for this section students are required to investigate how language has evolved in society and reflect on how this affects culture, communication technology and identity.

Benefits of studying English GCSE

The benefits of studying English Language GCSE or iGCSE are extensive. This qualification demands students to develop critical thinking skills, improves confidence and ability in both written and spoken English, and broadens their horizons in terms of the vast range of different texts available on a myriad of subjects including history, modern fiction, philosophy, poetry, and much more.

Why is it worth studying English Language at GCSE & iGCSE ?

English Language GCSE & iGCSE provides students with an excellent grasp of written and spoken English, its history and influence in how society is shaped and will continue to change and grow in the future.

The skills required to successfully gain an English Language qualification are hugely useful and will give students confidence to tackle a wide range of other subjects in further study, such as at A-Level or university.

An English degree is one of the most flexible and desirable degree types, and many different career paths can be chosen if a degree in English is achieved. The diverse range of skills required to undertake an English degree are easily transferable to many employment opportunities such as journalist, librarian, marketing executive, teaching, law, PR or even becoming a famous writer!

Other subjects covered

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