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GCSE and iGCSE English Literature Tuition in London

When I look back, I am so impressed again with the life-giving power of literature. If I were a young person today, trying to gain a sense of myself in the world, I would do that again by reading, just as I did when I was young.

Maya Angelou

Tutor House provides professional, knowledgeable and friendly English Literature Tutors who can help students with their English Literature GCSE and iGCSE study. We pride ourselves on providing an expert, personalised service, ensuring we take the time to listen and understand the needs of both students and parents to find the perfect English Literature tutor to help them, be it for general study, overcoming a particular area of work, or preparing them so they feel confident and happy come exam time.

Studying English Literature is hugely beneficial and ensures students not only have a confident grasp of both written and spoken English, but also helps them to develop their communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills, as well as gaining a broad understanding of influential historical, cultural and philosophical texts that have had a direct influence and impact on our society, and even our behaviour as human beings.

Breakdown of the core English Literature GCSE course content

There are several units that make up and English Literature degree:

  • Exploring Modern Texts, which involves examining and critiquing modern prose or drama as well as exploring cultures
  • Poetry Across Time studying a poetry cluster from the Anthology and critiquing an unseen poem under exam conditions
  • The Significance of Shakespeare and the English Literary Heritage
  • Approaching Shakespeare and the English Literary Heritage – which involves studying works of Shakespeare as well as prose from the English Literary Heritage
  • Exploring Poetry

Benefits of studying English Literature GCSE & iGCSE

Studying English Literature at GCSE or iGCSE level is a mandatory subject in schools. Students must learn to confidently present ideas, and to understand themes techniques employed in different works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Learning to write critically and intelligently is a skill that is required for most other subjects students will go on to take at A-Level and beyond, so it is helpful even if you chose not to take it further than GCSE level.

Why is it worth studying English Literature GCSE & iGCSE?

English Literature GCSE & iGCSE provides students with an excellent knowledge of influential texts, requires them to think critically, to improve their writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and is a qualification that most employers will expect to see students gaining a C or above in, so it’s certainly worth doing!

A good English Literature degree from a respected university can open many doors when it comes to looking for a fantastic and rewarding career. As well as teaching english you can go on to find a career in journalism, advertising, marketing, civil service, communications and many more. Because English Literature requires a broad range of skills, many employers see this as one of the most desirable degrees out there, and you can go on to do almost anything!

Other subjects covered

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