Can I pay the tutor directly?

While you think it is faster it elevates your risk and you use lose all the benefits of Tutor House policies. Paying the tutor directly is NOT secure nor protected.

If you do pay a tutor outside of the Tutor House website you will not be protected by our 48 Hour Cancelation Policy, our Disputes Policy or our Refund Policy. We also can not protect you from fraud or spam accounts.

Before messaging a tutor you are required to sign our Terms and Conditions. Any loss of earning would be considered a legal matter.

Tutor House is designed to introduce excellent tutors to customers putting tutors in touch with students and learners. We help and support students to get the best out of their learning experience.

If you use the Tutor House website you must complete all bookings within the online platform, including the arrangement of any other services provided by tutors for clients.

If you make any arrangement with a tutor that you were introduced to through Tutor House, outside the online platform, either for tuition or payment, you will have broken our terms and conditions.

In this case, neither the tutor or customer (parent or student) will be protected or covered, as mentioned above.

For more information about payment please refer to our terms and conditions.

If you want more information about paying the tutor, call  0203 9500 320