How detailed should my experience section be?

Customers read your experience section – it’s really important…

When you sign up to Tutor House, you’ll need to complete a few sections on your profile in order for it to go live. The sign up process should take around 5 minutes. One of the key sections you’ll be asked to complete is your ‘experience section’.
In this section you should include any experience that you have in education, especially any prior teaching or tutoring roles. It is also crucial to explain what subjects and age groups you have taught. You should include any student improvement which you believe was subsequent to your teaching (such as a grade improvement or an exam performance).

Below are three key areas which you should address in your experience section:

  1. Your education – write about any degrees that you have achieved or are studying towards and your passion for your subject(s). This enables the client to see your academic capability.                                                                                                                                    
  2. Your tutoring experience – mention any experience with tutoring or teaching – even giving/participating in seminars or helping fellow students at university. All of this experience is crucial to include as it shows the client that they are in safe hands.
  3. Your tutoring philosophy – How would you engage a student in the information e.g. would you encourage the students to make lots of mind maps or would you instruct them to colour coordinate their notes? This makes you unique and will help you stick out from those who also are tutoring your preferred subject.

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