Homeschooling with Tutor House: Case Studies

At Tutor House, we accommodate all families looking to pursue homeschooling. Home-schooling can be a difficult choice for a family to make, but we’ve had students join our programmes for all manner of reasons, whether its bullying, anxiety or simply not enjoying the conventional school environment.

To begin homeschooling with us, you must have a consultation with a senior member of the Tutor House team. You can either come to us at our central London office in Soho Square. Alternatively, depending on your location, we can visit you at home.

We then match you with the best tutors for your child and ensure they are comfortable with the chosen tutors. We provide monthly reports to monitor the progress of the student.

All of our tutors will travel to your home, but if you prefer, we have a limited number of classroom availability in our Soho Square offices if you want to learn in-house.

Case study: Peter and Rhianna (KS3)

Peter and Rhianna joined us from an American school in early January. Peter and Rhianna are twins in Year 8, and decided after the tricky entrance process into schools for Year 9 that they would prefer to be homeschooled. They have a varied schedule, with three hours of tuition per day, which cover English, maths, science and humanities.

Case study: Shaun and Liam (GCSE)

Shaun and Liam joined Tutor House at the beginning of Year 11. After feeling they weren’t able to learn effectively in a disruptive class of more than 30 students, they made the step to home school. Tutor House worked with Shaun and Liam to enter them for their exams at a centre we work closely with, and then allocated tutors to attend their home and work with them daily.

Shaun and Liam have a varied schedule and are taught together.

Case study: Olivia (A-Level)

Olivia joined us after not enjoying her studies during her final A-Level year. Feeling the pressure to get into the university of her choice, she wanted to have a year’s worth of study where she felt she was getting the one-on-one attention she needed.

Since joining Tutor House in September of last year, Olivia has thrived. She studies English, Spanish and history, and all of her tutors have commented on how phenomenally well she has progressed throughout the year.

Our director, Alex, worked with her on her personal statement and university choices so she felt confident throughout her application process. She has received an offer to study English at Oxford, with the target grades of AAA.

How do I find out more about home-schooling?

For more information on how you can join our homeschool programme, call us on 0203 9500 320 or email

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