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,,An increasing number of private and grammar schools are now offering the IB programme.

Students undertaking the IB need to have strong subject knowledge in humanities and sciences.

Private tutoring can help identify and boost students weaknesses. At tutor house we can help with Essay writing, Languages, Social and Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
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The IB Curriculum:

Students choose from one subject from each of the six compulsory groups. In addition, the IB programme includes Extended essay writing (in-depth essay of one of the subjects the student has chosen) Theory of knowledge (students reflect on the nature of knowledge by examining areas including perception, emotion and artistic and historical aspects) and Creativity, action and service (completing tasks outside of the classroom.)

The six groups are:

1: Studies in Lauguage and Literature

2: Lauguage acquisition

3: Indiviuals and societies

4: Experimaental science

5: Mathematics and computer science

6: The arts

N.B- The sixth subject chosen by students may be a arts subject (group 6) or another subject from group 1-5.


The Cambridge Pre-U course helps prepare students for university. The course has become popular in recent times as an alternative to A-Levels. The Pre-U course follows on from IGCSE and Cambridge Secondary 2 qualifications.
The Pre-U course is available in 27 subjects, students choose from three.

Tutors at tutor house have experience in teaching Pre-U and can help all students via private tuition and support.

Pre-U courses at tutor house

Home Schooling

At tutor house we provide short and long-term home schooling. We listen to the student’s requirement and devise a programme most suited to them. This can include private tuition, one-on-one support, special educational support and residential tuition, both in the U.K and abroad.

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