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Ever wanted to teach in China?

Of course you have, we all have. Teaching in general helps to broaden horizons, but teaching in a foreign land opens doors and opportunities like never before.
People want to travel. In fact, most people want to “live with no excuses and travel with no regrets.” It’s important to grab these opportunities and enjoy. Teaching in China is a growing, popular experience. You’d never get the same experience anywhere else in the world. We’ve worked with a number of schools over the years in China. We’ve placed English teachers in Shanghai, we’ve even placed nursery teachers in a school in a tea plantation! Teaching in China has a number of benefits and 3 of those teaching benefits are outlined below:

1. Travel and teach in china

Most of the teachers and tutors we place in China go there to both teach and to travel. Every weekend you’re free to explore, and you also have holidays to travel even further. Teachers take short flights to Japan for the weekend, and travel around Thailand for weeks. (Flights are only 2-3 hours direct to Japan). Being based in China allows you to explore all of Asia. Teach in China, and travel all over Asia- perfect.


2. The rate of pay in much higher in China

The average rate of pay for teachers in China- teachers who have a degree in their subject and only 1-3 years of teaching experience- is £23,000-£29,000. This is much more than in the UK, and what’s more is that it’s just your pocket money! All of your accommodation and food is paid for! Some schools will even pay for your flights, and if you want- Chinese lessons!
So all in all you’re looking at a salary of about £50,000. More and more people are working in China for a few years, saving a huge amount and then returning to the UK, rich!


3. Something different- teaching in China is just that

You may not speak Chinese, you may not like Chinese food and you may not like long flights. But when your Chinese lessons are paid for, you can buy English food (fish and chips) and the flights are paid for- why wouldn’t you teach in China? China is not the same as Dubai (another popular supply teaching destination). It’s not as westernised, but it beats Dubai! If you’ve been, you know it is bloody boiling. China has culture, China has amazing countryside, China has amazing tea. There are some lovely places in China, and if you are placed in cities, 9 out of 10 times, it’s only a 15 minute drive into amazing countryside, rolling hills and nature- sounds like Devon!
Tutor House currently has 8 jobs to fill in China as of June 2018. Drop us an email to find out more-