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The importance of striving for excellence

Whether or not you wish to obtain that A grade in your GCSE Maths exam or that A* in A Level English, striving for excellence is a habit that can be applied to all facets of your life.

Ensuring that all work you produce is of your highest possible standard will instil long term traits such as discipline, hard work and focus which are transferable qualities applicable to all areas of your life from exam success to running a marathon.

Striving for excellence is a skill which can be cultivated and a mindset which can be fostered. Performing to your optimum level leads to a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment which naturally leads to a ‘feel good’ feeling.

Modern day Biology suggests that when we perform to our optimum capacity natural ‘feel good’ feelings are released and to continue experiencing such feelings we will continue to operate at our own levels of excellence. The neurotransmitter Dopamine is said to motivate us ‘to take action toward goals, desires, and needs’. Furthermore, it also gives us pleasure once we have accomplished what we have set out to do. The release of such neurotransmitters can lead to a domino effect motivating us to work towards more goals helping us to realise our dreams.

Therefore we can assume that by cultivating an attitude of excellence and hard work we will also be more joyful, happier and not to mention successful.

At Tutor House we aim to encourage students to always strive for their best in all life endeavours as we understand the importance of giving each task their very best which inevitably leads to a feeling of wellbeing and happiness.