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There has been a huge increase in the demand for qualified language tutors and teachers in the last few weeks, which seems to be across all language subjects. These include French, Spanish, German and Russian.

This seems to be due to two main factors:

1) In October last year there was a call for more languages to be learn in all Schools and Colleges across the country, in an attempt to increase the number of people (students) speaking a second and even a third language. Dr Seldon of Wellington School said if the decline in children sitting languages continues to drop we will move from “Great Britain to Little Britain.” Others include Mr Gove implied that languages should be brought back as compulsory subjects at GCSE level.

2) A drop in Students sitting languages and consequently fewer student studying languages at University.

But now those tutors, teachers and lecturers who may have struggled to find jobs, will now have a great opportunity to take part in the new language demand. In fact the number of students entered for languages this year has shot up 22% to 52%. A huge surge.

Having a tutor can be best way to get up to scratch with your French, German or Spanish before the summer exams.

So if you need any tutoring, help or advice in languages then contact tutor house.
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