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The key to success is preparation…

When working towards our goals it is sometimes easier to just see the desired end result and fixate on the magnitude of the task ahead. We can often become overwhelmed by this and not actually commit to and begin working towards the desired result. However rather than focusing on the end result it is better to ask yourself ‘what do I need to do to get there?’ Thereafter you can break down the task into manageable chunks and set yourself deadlines for achieving them. Eventually you will be closer to achieving your goals than you previously imagined.

This can also be applied to how one approaches their revision and studies in general. Whether you are sitting your GCSE, A Level or Undergraduate examinations this year or next year you can break down your revision into manageable chunks. Please see below for a step by step process in formulating a winning revision plan:

  1. Choose one subject as depending on the subject your revision plans will differ.
  2. Obtain a comprehensive copy of your syllabus so that you have a thorough idea of what you need to know and to what detail depending on the grade you are after.
  3. Mark on that list which subjects you know, which you have some knowledge on and which you have absolutely no idea on!
  4. For some students they prefer to begin working on those subject areas they have very little knowledge on and finish on those areas they are reasonably comfortable with. For others, they like to secure their existing knowledge base and use the confidence they gain whilst doing this to tackle the more challenging topics.
  5. After going over topics don’t leave it too long to review topics so that the memory of the subject remains fresh in your mind.

At Tutor House we not only help with private tuition but also help students devise winning revision and study plans working towards goals of achieving desired grades.