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Max A
£20 / hour
1 year

I have a Physics BSc from the University of Leeds. During my time there, I studied advanced mathematics and completed a six month teaching assistant module partnered with University Academy Keighley. I believe in teaching a deeper understanding of the subject rather than getting students to memorise formulas. This process enables students to reason their way to an answer, even if they have not studied it. Having a wider knowledge and deep comprehension of the building blocks of our scientific world help to increase insight into physics and other subjects. I want to help students get great grades, but also inspire passion in an incredibly rich topic. I have a Masters in Theatre from RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts). I currently work as a professional theatre director and I have 4 years experience as a screen acting coach. My experience in drama has made me a keen communicator. I can offer presenting in different styles in order to best relay a point clearly.

Sarah T
£30 / hour
3 years

Fully qualified Teacher (PGCE) with a First Class Honour Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art. I have been teaching for just over 3 years now. I spent my first year teaching a BTEC Art qualification at Level 1,2 and 3. This year was in a college setting, working with young adults and teenagers to build their portfolios and knowledge base of Art. Encouraging them to explore, test, investigate and make mistakes in their work to help expand their confidence and sophistication in their Artwork. The second two years have been in an Offender Learning setting, where the key objective whilst teaching Art were focused on cultivating self-belief, expression and confidence. Working in this setting has aloud me the experience of tutoring people with a range of challenges and from diverse backgrounds, from mild learning difficulties, mental health issues, personal issues and cultural barriers. My non-judgemental approach, patient and resilience has really helped with the progression of my students development. I have studied a variety of subjects over the years from GCSE level to Post-graduate degree, I am happy and interested to tutor and support the development of a range of subjects that I have experience in. In addition to being an academic teacher, I am also a fully qualified Yoga teacher and hold regular classes for adults, teenagers and children. I am passionate about helping individuals grow. I believe to be a successful tutor you need to know your students well, see everyone as individuals, by gaining an understanding of their interests, fears, obstacles, dreams, motivations and personality traits. A lot of the current education system assumes everyone should fit into the same square peg hole, not allowing space to develop people on an individual level, leaving many feeling low, deflated, unsuccessful and stuck. If this is the case, I will work hard to uncover those challenges and barriers, finding out what is holding the student back from realising their full potential. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to do their best and be proud of their achievements. I have an encouraging, friendly and supportive approach to tutoring, offering regular positive praise and constructive feedback to help support the development and progress of my students. I am proud to share that I encouraged several of my students last year to enter an Art competition: The Koestler Awards. This is a charity that supports the Arts within the probation services, secure units and prisons over the UK. They hold an Art competition every year. Last year they had thousands of entrants and three of my students won Gold and Platinum awards for the categories of drawing, portraits, calligraphy and watercolour. This was such a huge achievements for those individuals who had never achieved a qualification at school, never mind winning an award from a national competition! Everyone has the potential to do wonderful things and no one should feel stuck. I want to help people realise their full potential and help them along their path. Whether that is helping with a difficult topic, overcoming an obstacle, or maybe it is to develop those final last skills to really give their grades a boost to reflect their hard-work, dedication and efforts.

Carlotta F
£20 / hour
1 year

Hello everyone, I am Carlotta and I am originally from Italy. I have been living in Uk since 2013 and I have studied to become an English teacher at the West Thames College in Isleworth. The Cambridge qualification I have studied for is called CELTA ( Certificate to teach English as a Foreign Language to Adults). I intend to spend several years teaching in the immediate future and once I have gained a few years of teaching with CELTA methodology, I may take the Cambridge DELTA course too, as it is widely recognised for its in-depth practical focus on teaching. In addition I offer to teach Italian as well (as it is my first language).

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